Friday, June 30, 2006

The SAWA are looking for you!

Good Friday afternoon all you sexy people!

I've recently joined with nine other authors to form Sexy Authors With Attitude. What a great name huh? The group consists of some of the most amazing romance and erotica writers around. Singly, we found we were struggling to get our names out there, but together... look out world! Together, we offer readers a wide variety of genres , styles and heat levels.

We have an active yahoo group, where we tend to get into all kinds of mischief and we'd love for you to join us:

Also, we have a yahoo newsgroup, where a monthly newsletter and contest are held:

You may also subscribe to it via email here:

We also have a blog, which each of us adds to when we have a snippet of something hot to share with our readers, or some news we just can't wait to get out. At the moment, I believe we have a contest posted up there. The url for this is:

Oh my this is getting to be crazy isn't it. In addition to all that, we've got an amazing new website, thanks to the awesome web-design of Michelle Houston, who is also one of our very Sexy Authors with Attitude. This site has lists link to where you can buy all of our books and stories, as well as bios, and some free reads which we'll add to as often as we possibly can. To get a look at that, here's the url:

I hope to see you all at the new yahoo group, and please visit the site when you have a little time. I'll be adding some more bits and bobs soon.

Have a wonderful July 4 all you American readers, and to my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day on July 1rst.

Hugs to you all

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