Monday, September 18, 2006

Acceptance, happy dancing and wow

I know, I'm totally uncool and an author, especially an erotica/romance author, should have more control over herself. Right? Not! LOL

Okay, to business. I just got some fantastic news. My short story 'Those Boots' has been accepted into the Second Skin: Erotic Stories About Leather and Latex anthology. It will be edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and Christopher Pierce and is supposed to come out in April of 2007 from Alyson Books.Yay! First time I've tried to get into one of their anthologies, but the fetish grabbed me and off the story went. Oh, how about a tiny unedited excerpt? *BG* Just a nibble.

Those Boots
©2006 Jude Mason

Max couldn't take his eyes off them. The white leather, stiletto boots with their five-inch heels and the toe that would de-nut a bull if he were kicked in just the right way. Gawd, they were amazing.

He took a step closer to the red-brick storefront, suddenly aware of the traffic noises behind him. Rush hour and somehow he'd lost the deafening sound of it. Glancing around, sure everyone would be staring at him, he was pleasantly surprised to see crowds blissfully ignoring him, and each other, in their scramble to get home.

He must be insane. But, he couldn't help himself. He didn't have a choice; he had to.

They'd go over his knees. He imagined how they'd feel, crushing his toes together. Walking would be next to impossible, but that just added to his excitement. The leather would fit snuggly around his calves, loose at the ankles. The top would sag down and bulge around his thighs, where they'd rub the more sensitive flesh, maybe even pull a little, or slap when he walked. He loved that. The pristine white of the boots, he'd never seen anything so sexy, so in your face sexy.

His upper lip felt moist. He was sweating. Suddenly, his suit jacket was stifling. Sweat trickled down his sides, itched. His cock pressed hard against his slacks.


Phew, there ya go. I hope leather is fun for you, it sure is for Max.


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Scrawler said...

Woohoo! Absolutely brilliant!! A big hugs *Mwah* Thanks for your email, too! So relieved. Will reply shortly :)