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New Release 'Freeing the Beast Within' by Jude Mason

It began with And There Were Beasts last All Hallow's Eve @ Venus Press. The story of Joshua Lansing and Morgan Fields, how she knew his father, and when the man died, how she went in search of the man's only son. Traveling from the big city to the backside of nowhere, she finally found him, and a part of herself she never knew was there.

Here's the Blurb from And There Were Beasts:

The death of a good friend sends Morgan Fields on a trek into the wilderness looking for the estranged son who seemed more at peace in his solitude than anyone she'd ever known before. The trip proves daunting, terrifying, as she's trailed into the woods, where she's been told Joshua Lansing lives. Finally she finds him and gives him the terrible news. As the evening progresses, leaving proves too much for her and after very little coaxing, she agrees to spend the nigh at Joshua's secluded cabin. What awaits her in her dreams? Are they really just dreams or has a strange new world opened up for Morgan, and how does Joshua fit into those dreams?

A year later, their story continues with Freeing the Beast Within. The couple are abvously made for each other, but there are loose ends to be tied and a job that calls Morgan back to the city. Or does it?

After Morgan had stayed with Joshua for a few weeks it was time for her to return to her life in the city, at least until she could tie up the loose ends and return. But, during a walk in the woods, where he urges her to stay, a catastrophe strikes. Wounded by a poacher, she vows vengeance for both herself, and the tiny creature who was shot with her. The changelings are on the hunt. Will the lovers be able to find the culprit, the coward who has no respect for life? Will Morgan be able to free her beast within, in time?

And now for an excerpt. I've chosen the very beginning of the book. I hope you enjoy:

Freeing the Beast Within
Jude Mason
Genre: Paranormal/Shape-Shifter
Length: Short Story (10 to 18K)
Content: Some Violence
Publisher, Venus Press
ISBN: 1-59836-388-3
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Morgan stretched cat-like and a grumbling purr erupted from deep in her chest. The bed, Joshua's bed, felt luxurious beneath her. A soft quilt, made by a local woman, and given to him as a gift for services rendered, wrapped her in its warm embrace. Crisp linen sheets matched the predominant earthy brown of the quilt and smelled of him and her, and the lovemaking they'd shared the night before. She smiled, remembering his teeth at the back of her neck as he'd plunged into her. Her stretch turned into one of those glorious bone cracking, back arching moves that left her feeling as if she could take on the world. And, when she turned her head, there he was, watching her.

"Good morning, sexy lady." His voice was still full of sleep and sounded raspy, but his gold-flecked eyes sparkled in the early morning sunlight. His smile touched her heart.

Peering at him, she returned his smile, and reached to stroke the softness of his long black hair. "Good morning to you, my sexy beast."

Her reply made his smile broaden even more. They'd spent the last two weeks in bed more than out, or running naked and wild through the woods surrounding his small cabin. She'd never been happier, or felt more free. The years of denial, hiding from the reality of her existence seemed like someone else's memories—someone else's nightmare. She'd finally allowed the sleek, fast cougar its place. Encouraged by this new man, she'd allowed the animal within herself to grow, becoming one with the wildness she'd always known was there, but had fought. Joshua, even saying his name in her mind made her heart beat faster.

"I want you to stay with me, here." He reached for her, his hand sliding around her waist and pulling her closer. She rolled, and cuddled against him, her breasts pressing flat against his ribcage. One arm lay across his chest, her fingers going instinctively to a taut brown nipple. Her face nuzzled into his neck.

"I know you have a job, a life, but I know you'd be happy here."
They'd talked about her staying before, several times in fact, over the past two weeks. The offer was tempting. She'd never felt more at home anywhere. It was as if she'd finally found the one place she belonged, and the lover who was her perfect match. And he was.

"I know I would be. I've never felt so…so comfortable with someone before."

"Then stay." He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. He pulled away; just enough so he could slip the fingers of his free hand under her chin and lift her face. Gazing into her eyes, his face became serious. "You know with my inheritance we don't have to worry about money."

That was true. It was that inheritance, which had brought her to him. She'd been the executor of his father's will and the bearer of the sad news.

"But, I have clients who depend on me." She pulled her face out of his hands. To stay would be a dream come true, but she couldn't just leave her job without some kind of notice. In a soft, wistful tone, she added, "I can't just walk away without making some kind of arrangements for them, even if I wanted to—"

"And do you? Want to stay, I mean."

She looked up at him, eyes suddenly filled with tears. "Yes, I want to. Two weeks isn't enough. I want more."

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him even harder, his morning erection trapped between them. Effortlessly, he rolled them both so she wound up on top. Straddling his hips, she broke his grip and sat up straight. The bedding slipped down her back and came to rest against her bottom. Naked, the chill morning air puckering her nipples and sent goose bumps up her arms and across her chest. She shuddered. Her breasts wobbled, and she saw his eyes move to her breasts. "It looks like you're a morning person." She dropped a hand to where his cock thrust up between them, and palmed the shaft.

He gasped. His hips thrust upward and his gaze flashed to her face. "Not necessarily. More an opportunist. I'll take whatever I can, when I can." He said it lightly, but she somehow knew he was talking about more than just sex.


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