Saturday, March 11, 2006

Listen now!!

Fantastic News!
Now you can listen to an Excerpt of The Deal

About a month ago, fellow erotica/romance writer Leigh Ellwood offered me the opportunity to have an excerpt of one of my books read via iPod. I chose The Deal, a very heated little section of it at her request. She did the reading, and wow does she sound hot. If you'd like to listen, here's a link to the page she has it listed on.

You'll have to scroll down a little, but look for my name. Beside it you'll see 3-10-6 Click on that and voila. You'll get to hear a little about Leigh and what she has up and coming, and then you'll hear Sabrina and Matt in a very sexy little clinch.


Ann Cory said...

Very sexy sexy !!!!!

~Ann :)

Jude said...

Hey lady, thank you. When Leigh offered to do the readings I jumped at the chance. She's got a lovely voice for this. I'd be flustered, I just know it... LOL