Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's time for the SAWA 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Contest

For all the bad boys and naughty girls on this list, here's the details of the SAWA Sexy Christmas Contest, which starts on Monday! But you can go ahead and start figuring out which days you want to enter, and what your answers will be. : )

Sexy Author's Twelve Sexy Days of Christmas Contest

We all know about the 12 days of Christmas song, but really how much fun can a partridge in a pear tree be? Although there is something to be said for lords a leaping and ladies dancing.
So we SAWA's, that'd be Sexy Authors WITH Attitude, thought that we'd have our own 12 days of Christmas, with a naughty twist. On each of the days listed below, send an email before midnight CST with your answer to the question listed for that day. The names of those who correctly answer that day's question will go into a special sexy hat and one lucky winner will be drawn. Now, your answers don't have to be true – but they do have to be sexy! Be careful to pay attention to the date for each question, naughty boys and girls who enter on the wrong day will be disqualified. Also, because of the weekends being BIG shopping days, the contest only runs on weekdays.

You can enter one day, or you can enter every day, or just enter the ones that catch your fancy. Just play nice and send in only ONE entry per day, and it must be to the question of that day.

Make sure your subject line shows which day you are sending the answer in for, like this: Tuesday, December 5th. And if you would, copy and paste the question before answering it. We'd hate to get mixed up and not know which question you were answering.

Each day someone will win! And who knows, you might inspire a story idea or two. : )

As a bonus, everyone who enters will be included in a special drawing closer to Christmas. The more times you play, the better the chance you'll have of winning this fabulous prize!
Have fun crafting your answers and send them to

Week 1: Days 1 - 5

Monday, December 4th: On the first day of the sexy contest, your true love gave to you what favored genre of erotic romance?
Winner will receive: Masquerade vol. 1 – with stories by Kayleigh Jamison and Jamie Hill

Tuesday, December 5th: On the second day of the sexy contest, your true love gave you what favorite lingerie outfit?
Winner will receive: Bedtime Tales by Michelle Houston

Wednesday, December 6th: On the third day of the sexy contest, you asked your true love for what naughty toy(s)?
Winner will receive: Secret Santa by Jamie Hill

Thursday, December 7th: On the fourth day of the sexy contest, your true love took you to what romantic place to make love?
Winner will receive: Erotic Fantasy - with stories by Jude Mason, D Musgrave & Michelle Houston

Friday, December 8th: On the fifth day of the sexy contest, your true love bound you with what item?
Winner will receive: Foxy! By D Musgrave

So, get on your thinking caps, and rev up your imaginations, and enter as many contests as you can. The special prize, which is being put together by myself, will be announced a little closer to Christmas. But, because I love you all, I've got to tell you, the more days you play, the better your chances of winning are.

I'll post next weeks questions on Sunday. So, have fun and good luck!


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