Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Re-Release, this Friday ~BEING NEIGHBORLY

Ever wonder what the opposite sex thought about at those special moment? Either sex?

Jude tells you in, Being Neighborly, a mild D/s tale available in ebook format from loveyoudivine.com

Laundry can be such a boring chore.

But, what happens when a neighbor interrupts you?
And what happens if that neighbor is naked?

Not only naked, but hoping you'd show up and take over?
Stacy finds out. Then, you'll find out exactly how the neighbor Jason, builds up his courage to show her exactly how much he wants her to take control. He'll do anything to please her.

Does she have the guts to take him on?

Does he comply with each of her wishes?

Read first from her point of view what happens, then from his. You'll get a peak into the psyche of both the woman and her surprise, and then the man and his daring in this tale of neighborly sharing.

Jude, recently of Venus Press, is branching out and testing the waters. You'll find Jude's work coming to you from both loveyoudivine as well as Phaze in the coming months. Look for the re-release of her older books as well as new, edgy reads that will make you sit up and take notice.

Being Neighborly

will be available Friday, January 26.2007 through


remittance_girl said...


I lost you for a while, and don't see you anymore on ERWA. I missed you. Glad I found you again!



Jude said...

Hey rg,

I still belong to the ERWA but believe it or not, I'm busy writing. Glad you're still around too and it's great to see you.