Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just passing the time with you

June 07.2007

What a busy couple of weeks. Sammy is all done, or I should say, Sam, the Man, and sent off to Kat at Phaze this afternoon. Phew! I sure hope she likes it/him. It's destined for the Phaze Fantasies VI anthology and already contracted. I had a thought about that too. It was contracted before it was written. What happens if she hates it? I mean the contract is signed and all, so it's a done deal. Maybe? Re-writes? I honestly have no idea. Let's hope I don't have to find out.

I'm off to work on a new one now. A sci-fi, futuristic, femdom, alternate Earth kind of thing. Blink! Yeah I know, different from my usual fare, but I figured what the hell. This may be going to a prospective new publisher. *Crossing fingers* The woman who runs Mojocastle, a relatively new kid on the block, contacted me after Michael Barnette let her know I was interested in them. After the initial panic, I came up with a scenario, tossed it back to her and she's interested. So, I'll do my best.
That's it for now folks. Have an amazing Thursday!

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