Thursday, September 27, 2007

Awesome review for Amber's Toy

Now, it’s when I get a treat like “Amber’s Toy” that I relish being a reviewer. This is a HOT read that has an unusual story line, too. Amber is taking her revenge on the shallow guy who used her way back when. She makes him need her and I love this female domination, it’s so good to read about a woman taking control for a change. Men’s rear ends are tasty, right? Well Jude certainly thinks so and her delicious descriptions of Tony’s backside are masterfully (mistressfully, really) done. In fact, her writing style as a whole is delightful.A tasty, kinky read with strong FemDom overtones, I can’t recommend this novella enough –it’s a triumph.

Reviewer: Victoria Blisse
Rating: 10

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