Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's here!! Yes, Ma'am, my first collection in print!

And now in print...

Jude Mason's Yes, Ma'am:
A Collection of Fem-Domme Erotica,+Ma%27am+by+Jude+Mason
Fem-domme fiction at its finest! Phaze is proud to present the novellas of Jude Mason in print. An Acquired Taste, Pink Ribbon, Stage Fright, and Amber's Toy, plus never before published extras!

Elements: BDSM (fem dominant)
Okay, now listen up. Phaze is having a 30% off sale, but it's only on for today, Sunday, Feb.24th. If you're thinking of buying this book, it might be an idea to do it now. Yes? The special code you'll need is: GOLD2008. Go, buy, please. Heck, by two, it's that good.
Exceptional Erotic Fiction

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