Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shoon Joining gets a RECOMMENDED READ

Becky Gaede, of Dark Angel Reviews, had this to say about Shoon Joining:

Ambassador Trevor Sloan is going to try to communicate with the Shoon, a race of aliens. However, he discovers more than he bargained for. Upon arrival of their ship, something takes over his body and joins with him. When he is sent back to his ship to share it with others, he is locked up for treason. Now the love of his life, Amanda Jacks, must rescue him and get them back to the Shoon, or they will be locked away forever.

SHOON JOINING by Jude Mason is an out of this world read. If you love a little science fiction mixed with erotic scenes, I recommend you read this story. Ms. Mason has a wonderful imagination to come up with such a story. She puts a new and exciting twist to a different race in outer space. The first page of this book made me tingle with the steamy scene between Amanda and Trevor. I just had to keep reading to see what happens with Trevor and the Shoon. The plot of this book and the elements of the new race are unbelievable. I was very impressed by the communication of the new race and the way that they become joined with them. I liked the lead female character Amanda; she has spunk to her that I liked. She’s faced with a few crazy things in this story and jumps in with both feet. Ms. Mason, I applaud you for this excellent story with a Recommended Read and I hope to read more in the near future.

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