Friday, August 08, 2008

Yes, Ma'am is in the bookstore!!

All righty, I'm in seventh heaven right now so you'll have to forgive any mistakes I make in spelling or grammar. Hell this may not make sense at all but I had to share. A week ago, I dug up all my courage and went into our local bookstore to see if I could have Yes, Ma'am on their shelves. Well, the woman, a lovely lady by the name of Pirkko, explained that because it's what's called print on demand she'd have to have her daughter read it first and they might take one for their shelves. I left a copy with her and have been waiting, impatiently. I just got her call. THEY WANT IT! Not only do they want it, they want more copies. Whoo hooo! I'm going to have to order more books, which is no biggie, but I honestly had no idea if they'd even take the one I left. I'm so thrilled.

Oh and I also heard from Alessia Brio this morning about the story I'd submitted, Island of Fantasies, for their charity relief book Coming Together: At Last has been accepted. All proceeds of this book go to benefit Amnesty International. I won't see anything from this book monetarily, but it's an amazing benefit and I'm thrilled to be included in the book.

I am now going to go make myself a cup of coffee and try to get my feet back on the ground.


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