Sunday, November 02, 2008

REC Nominations... Come and Vote


As you all know, I don't normally ask for votes or a pat on the back. I'm a little hesitant to ask now, but here goes. One of the yahoo groups I belong to hands out awards for a gazzilion things and someone has nominated me for several. This is the first time I've been entered into this kind of competition so I'm pretty jazzed. There are some amazing authors, publishers, editors and coverartist listed among the nominees, so I'm really thrilled to just be there. Anyhoo, here's the link to the Romance Erotica Connection, the REC as those in the know call it. LOL Check out the poll link. I've listed all of the places where I've been nominated... *G* But, if you feel someone else deserves your vote more, that's great too, just vote. (do I sound like a politician here?)

Romance Erotica Connection

Lesbian (F/F) Romance & Erotica COVER OF THE YEAR

Jesse's Homecoming - Jude Mason

Erotic Romance - Interracial/Multicultural COVER OF THE YEAR

Shifting Desires - Phaze Books

Erotic Romance - Paranormal NOVEL OF THE YEAR
Feral Heat - Jude Mason and Jamie Hill

Cover Artist/Editors Cover of the year


Erotic Romance - Sci-fi/ Fantasy COVER OF THE YEAR

Shoon Joining – Phaze

Erotic Romance - Sci-fi/ Fantasy

Shoon Joining - Jude Mason

Thanks so much and I hope whoever you do vote for does well.


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