Friday, June 05, 2009

Reviews, reviews, reviews

I've received some amazing reviews in the last couple of weeks and I thought I'd share a few snippets with you. If you'd like to read the full reviews, either go to the review sites, or check out my website.

Review for Spank Me Once

My contribution to this antho was:

Oh Behave! by Jude Mason

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More had this to say:

I enjoyed this story immensely because of the strong emotions between Cathy and Nate. So often when I have read BDSM stories, the emotions have been left out, but Ms. Mason does a great job with showing them in this story. And of course, the sex is enough to singe your eyebrows! This is one story you do not want to miss.

Review for Spank Me Twice

Reviewed By: Janelle of You gotta read reviews
Rating: You Need/Want to Read

I liked this story. It was handled with a lightheartedness that is rather rare in BDSM. It also tackles that touchy subject of introducing spanking into a relationship. Even though the story itself is fairly short, the reader still gets a feel of the characters and their feeling for each other.

While there is no actual sex in this story, it is still very sexualized and leaves the reader wondering just who is dominate once the doors close.

And finally:

Review for Ethan's Choice

E. H., from Erotica Horizon Reviews had some very nice things to say about this book:

First thing that strike me was the loads of description the ladies uses in this book - everything had a smell, a taste, a feel and just a sense about it. It cemented a whole lot of the book and made everything more pronounced and lends an air to the drama that was happening behind the front desk of the Inn.

I am not sure if "Whiskers' Seaside Inn" is a real place but the description of the place is so clear and the little story that goes with it is so sweet.

The support characters they introduce us to are no fun - really they are moody, irritable and downright scary at times and i jumped a few time at some of the eeriness of the scenes - nicely done.

There was a nice mix of acceptance and paranoia to the entire happenings at the inn - which i thought was a good balance. It would have been too convenient if everyone accepted the spooky going on's behind the scene.

The paranormal element was well written, lots of back story, the eventual sightings, the scary and the mystery that surround them was a nice touch - i actually ended up liking these ghost a lot.

I was impressed with the fact that every time i think i have a handle on the plot - something new crops up. (The permanent guest, and ghost and Spirit revelation).

The ladies left us on a high and at a point that i had so many scenarios going through to my mind, but all in all i like the HEA for all involved.

That's about it. I know, enough too. LOL There's always a touch of fear when a review comes in. Will the book be accepted? Will the reviewer Get It, or will the book completely baffle them/turn them off, a dozen things. It's an amazing feeling when they say something nice.

Thank you to all those great reviewers out there.

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