Sunday, July 19, 2009

A review for I'd Die For You

I don't know if I'd Die For You is the last in the Slippery When Wet series, there is still to tell Joe Magee's story, but this one is the last about the man who helped him. This is the story of Snake, apparently the only one among them who was really innocent and framed for a crime he didn't commit. And for coherence Snake's story is also the one quite different from all the others.

All of them, just out of Corcoran, have no problem to find a new lover, and all in all, their life outside the prison is not so bad. But all the previous men had no real reason to do something better from their life, I don't, they were like "empty", almost if spending time in prison deprived them not only of time but also of will. Snake instead is angry and he wants to have his vengeance against the man who framed him. Snake, on the contrary of all his previous prison mate, is fed by his angry, and when the story starts he is heading toward a place and a mission, he has a purpose. But he is distracted by it from a nice smile and wide shoulders; he stops at a grill among the nothing that is the highway and stumbles upon Abel, a gay man alone in the middle of a bigot town who is more than eager to join Snake in his mission... obviously not before having spent some leisurely time together, and starred in the required shower sex scene.

Maybe Snake sudden willingness to be involved with someone so soon, and Abel eagerness to drop everything and hop on the bike with Snake, maybe it's all a bit rushed, but, well, this is a novella, and then the author makes it quite believable: Snake all in all is not a bad boy and he deserves a bit of lucky, and Abel... well, maybe he is in dear need of something.

Probably this is the best of all the series, it's less angst and more sexy. I wouldn't mind to read also Joe Magee's story, even if I have the idea that it wouldn't be so light.

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