Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New contract signed!

Whooo hooo!

Yup, all signed and sent! Alex's Appeal, the next book in Jenna Byrnes and my Kindred Spirit's Series has a release date, tentatively, in September of this year at Total E-Bound. A long way off, but it's a date and I'm thrilled. You'll love Alex! He's hot and sexy and a bear of a man who is a little insecure too.

Here's a teaser for you. I can't share too much because we haven't been through edits, but it's a wonderful day and I'm jazzed!

Series Blurb:

“Welcome to Whiskers’ Seaside Inn. Do you have a reservation?”

Whiskers' Seaside Inn doesn't sound like the most exotic location for a weekend getaway, but it's certainly intriguing. Ethan Roberts is smitten the moment he sees the weathered clapboard inn and finds out it’s for sale. He’s even more taken with the establishment's hunky handyman, Cade Wyatt.

The inn has two paying guests, but Ethan discovers another cast of characters who come and go as they please. Cade might be nonchalant about the ghosts, but Ethan's not sure he feels the same. He wants Cade more than anything, but Cade won't leave the inn. Somehow, Ethan must find a way to live with the spirits as well as the man he's come to love.

Can I ever make this place my home? He knows he could, in a heartbeat, if the inn was truly as serene as the face it presents to the world. Deep inside, something’s festering. He’s tried to ignore it—or not to believe in it—but he’s past that, now. There are ghosts or spirits at Whiskers’, plus one batty old woman, and he needs to know more about all of them.

“Annie, Laura and Ben,” Ethan repeated dully. “The ghosts.”

Chuckling, Cade faced him. “Actually, they’re spirits. You really don’t want to believe in them, do you?”

“Ghosts—spirits—aren’t real,” Ethan insisted. “I believe that.”

“Well, Mr. Roberts, I have a feeling your beliefs are about to be tested.”

Book Tag:

A bear of a lawyer in mourning, a handsome young chef who falls head over heels, and a mystery that threatens their happiness are just the beginning of the events at Whisker’s Seaside Pub.

Book Blurb: (which may be altered before the dust settles)

Lawyer Alex Brookfield arrives at Whiskers’ Seaside Inn with a big decision weighing heavily on him. He’s been offered a judgeship, and while it’s an incredible promotion, it would mean leaving the house he shared with his late, long-time partner. Russ died of cancer eight months ago, and although Alex is ready to move on, he isn’t sure about such a big, permanent step.

Logan Emerson is the inn’s chef, and wouldn’t mind cooking up something special with the handsome attorney. He’s not concerned about their fourteen year age difference. He just knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to go after the hunky bear of a man.

Alex heard stories about the inn’s ghosts from its owner, his friend and former lover Ethan Roberts. But he’s totally unprepared for the spirit who shows up his first night there. Between futile attempts to fend off the frisky young cook, and his offer to help inn co-owner Cade Wyatt come up with a romantic marriage proposal for Ethan, Alex finds his hands, and his bed, quite full.

I'll definitely share more as time goes by.



Jenna Byrnes said...

YAY, sounds great! Oh wait, it IS great! LOL

Thanks for mentioning the book, Jude.

Have a great day,


Selena Illyria said...


Jude Mason said...

Jenna, you're a dork sometimes, ya know that? I say that with all kinds of love and hugs, but you're just nuts. LOL

Yes, that is great news for sure.


Jude Mason said...


Thanks so much. We're really excited about this series!


Erotic Horizon said...

I second that Whoo- Yay, well done you two...

I love that Inn, I am most certainly looking forward to my next visit..


Jude Mason said...


Thank you so much. We're both really pleased with how this series is going too. We've actually just started planning the next one. Quinn's Blessing is the tentative title.


Genella deGrey said...

How exciting!

Jude Mason said...

Hi Genella,

Thanks so much. Jenna and I are both extremely pleased to have this on contracted. Means the one we've just started working isn't a waste of time. LOL