Saturday, April 03, 2010

Coming, April 5th Lunch is Served in Audio

Lunch is Served - AudioLunch is Served
Contemporary/ Gay MM/ BDSM
ISBN# 987-0-85715-104-9
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Audio Book
Release date: April 5. 2010

Admitting you're gay is difficult enough. Can Philip Sands go even farther and admit he wants to be dominated?

Philip Sands needs a job. When he finds one at The Gate Room, a gay BDSM club owned and run by the sexy Mark Freeman, he's faced with a dilemma. He'd admitted to being gay years ago, but had hidden his submissive side, even from himself. Dressed in the sexy leather gear required for his new job, Philip finds himself drawn into the lifestyle and lusting after Mark. Constantly aroused by the scenes taking place in the club, the duties he's asked to perform are more then a little frustrating.

An evening meeting, which turns out to be so much more, only adds to his torment. When Mark invites him to come in for lunch the following day, Philip jumps at the chance. Will their meeting turn into more? Will he finally find the courage to tell Mark his feelings? And what does the handsome Mark have in mind?

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Erotic Horizon said...

I am no good with ebooks - but you know I have to try this...

I'll let you know how the voice is - Is this in ebook as well...

P.S. - Does TEB stuff go on I-tunes - I saw some Dreamspinners stuff on there recently...