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Forever Mine, by Jude Mason, Coming May 24th

Forever Mine
By Jude Mason
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Genre: m/m, vampires, contemporary
ISBN: 978-0-85715-147-6

Release Date: May 24.2010

Jason Black has dreams. He’s had them all his life. The only trouble with his dreams are they came during the day, while he was awake, and they came true. 

 Oh, and another thing, he sees a vampire, often. He’d seen the vampire bent over the body in an alley, and that’s when his life really took a hard left.

 You think Jason is crazy? 

 Most people do. He’s not. But, he is in trouble and the only one who can save him is Ayden Devlin, the vampire. Together, they have to stop a drug lord and his henchmen from going on a killing spree.

 Can the two men work together? Will Ayden’s blood lust prove too big a problem to surmount? Will their feelings get in the way? 


A flash of two men fighting filled Jason’s mind. They were here, in the alley. One seemed much taller, slim and agile—the long flowing black hair so familiar it took his breath. The calf-length leather coat swirled around the man’s legs as he tossed his adversary around like a rag doll. The other man, while not nearly as agile or muscular as the first, tried to escape the beating, but couldn’t break free. Twice, Jason saw the taller man slam the other into the rough brick wall with bone jarring force. The second time, the slim man’s face looked right at him and that twinge of recognition flared. No, not again. You’re not real.

His vision of the alley vanished only to be replaced by one he’d experienced before, months ago. The man’s long silken hair draped like a veil of midnight satin over a good deal of his face. Only the man’s eyes shone brightly through the strands, his irises the most amazing shade of amber Jason had ever seen. Upon closer inspection, the incisors gleamed as well, long, slender, knife-like fangs. The man-beast was naked, his pale flesh and sleek limbs knifed towards Jason from somewhere above. 


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