Friday, June 11, 2010

Willing and Able: Awesome review!!

Willing and Able, the Binary Star Jenna Byrnes and I share, got a very nice reviews recently that I'd like to share with you.

From Night Owl Reviews, Cecile Smith75 had this to say:

I do have to say that is was my first book by Jude Mason. For sure, this will not be my last.

These are two awesome writers that have combined their skills together.

In Ms. Jenna's story, Willing, Colt Willing is a man bent on protecting those he loves, no matter what side of the law they are on. What side of the law is Colt on? Being on the wrong side is a very dangerous side to play on... especially when the man you love is working for the top dog of the wrong side. But at what cost would you give of yourself to protect your self or family?

Ms. Jenna's story is very riveting. The drama builds with paragraph you read. Wanting to know what happens will drive you to the end.

In Ms. Jude's story, well it ties to Ms. Jenna story. These two author play very well together. This is the continuation of the story Ms. Jenna created and sucked us into. This is the story of Willing's ex-partner Detective D.J. Able. With a fallen officer and the clock ticking, how does one man try to make it all balance? Able is a determined man and you will see just how determined he is... Ms. Jude keeps the momentum rolling in this story. You will see how all sides of the law collide and how things get done.

Another peek into Able's story... "Able checked his watch. The man was right. They’d both been on overtime for six hours. Captain wasn’t likely to complain, not under the circumstances, but if they fucked up because they were too tired to think straight, he’d hang them both, by the balls. “Yeah, you’re right. The next shift’ll be glad to take over.”

I commend these ladies for a story well done. The stories complimented each other very well.

Thank you Cecile!

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