Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sassy Brit asks...


Do you play music while you write? If not, why not? Please explain your answer and feel free to provide your playlist if you have one! 

And my reply to this is an adamant NO!

The very thought of having music playing makes me shudder. I need silence, thank you very much. I need quiet which allows the characters to whisper their words and I'm able to hear them. 

There are stories or even books that music has inspired. Roses have Thorns is one. A series called Slippery When Wet another. I just can't have the racket while I'm actually putting the words down. They may be in my mind. They often are. But no noise please. 

I think many authors feel the same. It's often difficult for us to find the quiet we need, what with children, husbands or lovers who really mean well, but can't seem to understand that when we walk around looking lost, we really aren't. We're listening to that character who refuses to open a door, or won't climb the stairs, or who... fill in the blank. Having silence is a treasured time. We prefer it, need it, crave it. 



Jenna Byrnes said...

Um, music, please. Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Taylor Swift. Gotta have music! LOL


Jude Mason said...

Yes, you are crazy!


I'm one of those people, if the music's playing I want to dance. If it's on and I'm trying to write, I'll be writing the lyrics. LOL

When you were here, it must have been way too quiet for you.