Friday, February 11, 2011

The Deal, available Feb.14th!

The Deal   
Book1 in the Dealing Trilogy
By Jude Mason
Genre: contemporary, vampire, m/f
Available Feb.14th from Books We Love Spice


Crime in the city usually had the cops chasing bad guys for doing harm to decent citizens. But, what happens when suddenly, the crooks become the victims? Homicide detective Matt Gordon sees what the other cops miss, and is soon on the trail of the luscious vampire, Sabrina, for questioning. 
Matt finds her, but first he's got to rescue her from the clutches of a pair of a dead crime lords’ body guards. When Sabrina catches him coming out of the shower, things heat up rapidly. The unlikely couple winds up working together, fighting side by side, to clean up the criminal population. 
All goes well, for a while. When things start to go wrong, it's Sabrina’s turn to come to Matt's rescue. Can she get to him in time?

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