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Daybreak 2525 Volume One, coming March 12.2012

Daybreak 2525: Vol 1 PRINTPRINT
Daybreak 2525 Volume One
by Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-0-85715-782-9
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Release date: March 12, 2012


The son of a healer and a warrior, Doc is forced to take on both roles when his village is destroyed and his lover...gone.
Returning from a visit to one of the outland farms, Doc finds his village destroyed, his family either gone or dead and his lover vanished without a trace. The few survivors hidden among the ruins tell a tale of ruthless, sadistic marauders taking what they want and burning the rest. Doc finds too many dead and his heart breaks for those he finds alive. Mothers whose children are gone, husbands who have lost everything and everyone.

Pulling as many people as he can together and tending their wounds, Doc vows to find the rest of his people. His father is among the dead, but his mother, his sister and lover are not.

The hunt is on.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot m/m and m/f intimacy.

A city of death where Jazz must find Doc’s sister, or die trying.
Jazz and Doc are on a rescue mission. This time it’s personal, really personal. Robin, Doc’s sister, was taken to the nearby city and enslaved. Jazz lived in the city for years and although he dreads the return, he can’t refuse to guide Doc in. What they find there is worse than any memory.
City peeps who barely survive and a Warlord gone berserk are just the beginning. Can Jazz find Robin? Will the two men survive themselves? And what of Zoe, the lady love they left behind?

Reader Advisory: This book contains some violence and lots of swearing and sexual assault.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot m/m, m/m/m and m/m/f intimacy.

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