Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free for 2 days!

Two days, today the 23rd and tomorrow the 24th, Of Death and Desire by Jude Mason can be yours free from Amazon. Yup, free! Whoo hooo!

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Want a teaser? Course you do!

Here's how the book opens:

Of Death and Desire 
by Jude Mason
ISBN: 9781926965697
Genre: historical, m/m, mild BDSM, romance
Publisher: Books We Love

To read an excerpt and buy, go HERE

Dear Diary,

That's how you're supposed to begin these things, or so I've been told by the few women I know who keep such journals. I never thought, in a million years, I'd write in one, let alone under these circumstances. This was Jonathan's doing. When he asked me to make this entry, it was something I had to do, for him. He's given up so much for us—for me.

The beginning. Yes, that's where I should begin, and then let his accounting tell the tale.

Jonathan Strand—artist, author, wealthy due to an inheritance from his parents who'd died years ago. My Jonathan—tall, slender, dark-haired, and dark-eyed—has a Mediterranean look about him that drives me wild. Yes, we're lovers, and have been since I turned twenty-four.

Two years old than I, Jonathan was twenty-seven, and I, well into my twenty-fifth year, when I became ill. At first, we thought it was just a passing ailment that would take its toll and then fade, as so many disorders do. Unfortunately, that's not what happened. Consumption doesn't simply go away. There's little treatment for it, and what there is does little good.

Before I became too ill, we traveled to New Orleans—a final vacation together, arranged by him, of course. Friends, good ones, owned a property there, and offered it to us for as long as we wanted to stay. We jumped at the opportunity to get away together, and what better place to spend the last days of one's life.

Little did we know what would transpire while we were there. But, that's for Jonathan to tell.

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