Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Come & Chat, win E-Books for All Hallow's Eve

**You're invited**
*** International On-line Halloween Costume Party!***

Where and when:* It's to be hosted by ebooklove on October 30th from 9 AM to 3 PM est. It's early so that our European friends can come! (For them it'll be late afternoon into the evening.) Cupid Library Reviews is advertising the event from their website in Germany. Click to join ebooklove

*What we'll do at the party:* 6 authors will each spend an hour each entertaining you with their excerpts, conversation and contests.

*The treats:* Each has a Halloween story that will be released from their various publishers in October, and each will be giving away a copy -- plus other prizes!

*The trick:* To enter the contest you need to send a picture of yourself in costume to Cyndi Redding! Use either her e-mail (for digital) or snail mail address (for hard copy.) Both can be found on her
contact page. If you're one of the six winners, you'll get one of the Halloween books! Oh, and your picture will be posted on her website in her gallery! Your picture in any kind of costume can be from a long ago Halloween or Carnival, or you can dress up and take a picture for the occasion. Whatever you'd like to send in for the contest is fine.

It should be lots of fun! Oh, by the way, Cyndi as well as some of the others will make an appearance in costume too! It's only fair.


Desmond Goh said...

Hey Jude, thanks for a visit to my blog. Looks like you guys are going to have tons of fun for Halloween e-way!! Good for you!

Storm Trooper said...

Well, I had you linked to my blog until you wrote that scathing attack against my favourite TV show - EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. Now you are in ill favour in the blogging community.

Jude said...

Desmond, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm definitely hoping to have a great time at the chat, and I've got an amazing photo to give away to one lucky chatter.

Jude said...

Strom trooper, you're nuts, but you knew that already. Scathing, hardly, I don't watch TV so how would I know anything about the damn show? Jeeze!

Erika said...

what should I wear> Is there a dress code?

Jude said...

Sweetie, you can wear or not wear whatever you like. But, if you have a picture of yourself in costume, pretty much any costume, send it to the addressed posted and you might win yourself a halloween e-book.

Oh be daring, shock us!

Scrawler said...

Storm Trooper's definitely nuts. Said he would link to my blog and he hasn' should I remove his blog from mine? Mmmmm........(can't say I like the link to Horse Haters blog, though, me being a horse lover and all.)

Mike and Michael said...

What are the rules?