Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Monday

And the week begins with a vengence. I've been having trouble sleeping, rotten colds to that to me sometimes, anyhoo, I was up and roaring around at some ungodly hour this morning checking email. Oh first got the coffee going, you really don't want to talk to me before I've had my coffee. There in my email was a lovely surprise. I'd done an interview with May from MayReviews about a month ago and she'd sent me a message saying it was live and for me to go have a look see. What a lovely way to begin any day. If you'd like to read a little more about me, go to:

It was great fun doing it and I'm thrilled to be up on Mays site.

Oh what else have I been up to? Yes, I finally sent off the sequel to The Deal to Venus Press. Another Deal, the second in a three part series that I hope will be as well received as the first one was. This takes place in a small coastal villiage in England, Whitby, where there's an Abby that just cries out for more vampire history. Bram Stokers 'Dracula' was filmed there and after doing some research, I can see why. I'll keep you all posted on when that one's coming out.

It's been quiet around here though. Husband has gone off with his dad for a week of visiting relatives. I'm not sure how much his dad will remember now, he's getting on in years and his faculties aren't as sharp as they once were, but it was something he truly wanted to do. I miss hubby and can't sleep well alone, sigh!

Oh, the contest is all ready to go. If you'd like a peak at the picture I'll be giving to some lucky person, click on the link here:

For information on how you can get in on this, click here:

I hope to see some of you there. There's probably tons I'm missing out, but I'm off to get more done on this story that's taken over. It was supposed to be a short story for an anthology, but it's grown all out of proportion. I whined and moaned to my publisher, she laughed and told me to just get busy and write it. No sympathy... Jeeze!

Have a great day everyone, and I'll see you soon.


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Scrawler said...

Fancy seeing you at BA, lol! Cool, isn't it? Would love to win the piccie but not able to enter ;( Ahh well. I've bookmarked your interview so I can read it at my leisure when I'm not blog surfing ;)