Sunday, April 08, 2007

~*~Sring Fling~*~ WINNER and more are...

Loveyoudivine's Spring Fling was awesome fun. Tons of people showed up to chat all day, and there were great baskets to be won by some of the most amazing authors. Derek Musgrave and I chose to have a contest for ours and we got a huge number of participants. Our contest ran a week, giving everyone time to search out the answers, and the big winner for that contest is:


Congratulations Cathie, I can't think of anyone I'd rather be sending this out to.

As some of you might know, I've also had two contests of my own going on in my newsie for the last week. One contest was to draw in new members and the other was to say thank you to those who have been around for some time. Some fantastic people have joined, and the only stipulation of the contests were if anyone wanted their names to go into the hat, they had to make at least one post. I didn't care if they told me a long story about their childhood or where they found the family dog, I just wanted them to post once. Well, the turnout was awesome and some of the posts had me in stitches, while others made me want to give the poster a hug. I'd just like to thank everyone for taking part. I hope our budding friendships blossom even further. Okay, down to business, the winner of the newbie contest is:


Congratulations Julie, and I hope your birthday was fantastic. Now, the winner of what became known as the old timers contest is someone I've gotten to know a little over the last while. She's a very cool lady and great fun. The winner of the old timers contest is:


Congratulations Ruthie! I'm hoping to have more contests over the next while, so keep your eyes open.


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