Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jude's April Newsletter is Live

What you'll find in this issue:
What Jude's been up to

Oh, there's her writing and all about the book she's finally got the rights back to, and the deer. Yes, those pesky deer and how she's managed to keep them from destroying her front garden.
Coming soon?
Scorpio Tattoo, the book I loved from the get go is to be released this month.
Also, Stage Fright, a fantasy come true for a very lucky couple.
Find out when and where.
Contest winners
3 Contests and 3 winners. Congratulations Cathie, Ruthie, and Julia!
Read all about them.
2 Great reviews for An Acquired Taste. Yum!

Upcoming chats/events
Chats, chats, chats...find out where and when.

Website updates
We all know I can't leave it alone. Find out about the freebie's I've added.
Hot story
This month I thought I'd give you all a treat. Instead of an excerpt, I've included the full story of A Dream Or... Contest winner and the first story I submitted to the webzine Tit-Elation.

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