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About Michelle Houston - Fellow 413 Remembrance Lane author

As some of you know, I along with a select group of authors came together in an anthology titled 413 Remembrance Lane: Diary of a House.

Well, we decided to do a little interview with each other and tell you something about ourselves as well as the stories we have in the book. Our first interviewee is the multi-talented Michelle Houston. Read on, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Michelle Houston

1. Tell us a little bit about your characters in "The Life Not Lived", your story in 413 Remembrance Lane.
- Natasha is a very level-headed scientific woman. She has based her life around evidence and what made sense, rather than what she wants. Rather than the life she had planned, she finds herself alone, with a career that doesn’t quite satisfy her the way she thought that it would. After a late night visit from an otherworldly creature, she finds out that there is another world out there – one she never imagined possible. A world of magic, mystery, and second chances.

2. How did you come up with the idea for your story?
- While talking with the other authors, and everyone else was tossing out the paranormal aspect they wanted for their story, I knew I wanted to make sure I didn’t copy it. So I had to come up with something slightly different, and I was rereading a favorite book of mine where the character is plagued by incubi. Since I wanted my character to be a lesbian, to vary the sexualities of the book further, I had to go with a succubus instead.
The story just kind of poured forth after that.

3. What was your initial reaction to doing a story based around a diary and a house?
- Actually, it was kind of my idea. I had just finished reading an anthology where all the characters lived in the same town and all the authors worked together to make their stories mesh with each other. It was something that had always interested me. Most anthologies are on a theme, but the stories don’t have anything to do with one another.
I wanted to do something different. So I approached some writers I know with the idea, together we approached some others, and then we all worked together to work out the details and the kinks.
While frustrating at times, the collaboration turned out far better than I could have ever imagined. I am so thrilled with how 413 Remembrance Lane turned out.

4. What was the most fun part about doing this in-depth of a collaboration?
- Having someone to toss ideas around with, hands down was the best part. Normally writing is a rather lonely task. It’s just you and your characters. Yes, critique partners can help in the early stages, but when it all comes down to it; it’s you, your characters and either a sheet of paper and pen or a computer.
From the beginning, we all worked together and hammered out details. And there were a lot of them. Form the title, to the location, the details of the house itself, the settings of the stories, anticipated length of stories, where we wanted to submit it to when we were done, what sexualities are character were, what paranormal aspects we wanted to utilize, the list goes on and on. Each detail it wasn’t just me trying to figure out – it was all of us.
With each of us having an equal say, and always able to suggest new things, the ides evolved from a simply vague story line of a diary in a house, to the anthology that is 413 Remembrance Lane.

5. Now that the anthology is out and hindsight has had a chance to kick in - is there anything about your story or characters you would change?
- Honestly – no. My story is the shortest of the group, at just over 5,ooo words, but it is still complete. Characters have a life before we meet them on page one, and their lives go past the last page. As writers, we capture moments in their lives, brief glimpses and try to put them to words. I believe that I did just that with The Life Not Lived, and that I did Natasha justice.

6. What else do you have coming out soon?
- In September, I have another Phaze title coming out – Diggin’ Up Bones. It’s a novella, and the longest story I have written to date. It’s also a story very close to my heart.
All Alisa wanted was to be left alone with her writings. But the discovery of Native America bones on her property made that wish impossible.
The last man she wanted to see was back in her life, and with him Zach Bradford brought a whole lot of memories and some questions she really didn't want to answer.
Now besides digging for bones, he's digging into their past as well, searching for answers as to why she broke up with him suddenly, all those years ago. And Alisa has to decide if she is going to keep living in the past, or if she's going to let it go and reach for a possible future with Zach. The future she should have had.
Then in October I have a short story in the Samhain Scorchers anthology from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. It’s an indirect sequel to my short story in the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology, also by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.
When Shaylee escapes from a kidnapping attempt, she manages to get to safety and the shelter of her neighbor's arms. Unfortunately, her body has awakened to Garrett's, demanding she mate with him. But will he be able to handle the fact that she is a were-creature?

7. What are you working on right now?
- I’ve always got about a dozen stories going at once. Many times when I am writing I will have two windows open in word and flip back and forth between them.
Currently, I am working on a werewolf BDSM tale, a set of dragon stories, and a handful of real short erotica pieces.
But that can change from day-to-day. : ) I frequently work on several different stories at once, and try to have al least a half dozen out on various submissions at any given time. You can always check out my website at for up-to-date information.

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