Thursday, September 25, 2008

First review for Ghost of a Chance

Yup, got this the same day Ghost was released and sat on it until WOW so here you go. Check out what Rose of Romance at Heart Magazine had to say about Ghost of a Chance.

Here is another example of Jude Mason at her very best. Give her two handsome men, a mysterious disappearance, and she will tell you a tale of love, jealousy, hatred, and revenge all wrapped up with a shiny bow and glittery paper. Ghost of a Chance is not any different. Once again, Jude brought a pair of lovers together under circumstances more than just strange. Robert is exiled from his company after an incident at a party he really didn't want to attend. Now, faced with the peace of a small town, and finding the exile to his liking, he also discovers a mystery via some very explicitly erotic dreams. Discovering the impetus behind his ghostly visitor leads him to the local constable, and a resident hunk if he can say so himself. Finding Joe ready and willing to listen, Robert pours out the story, and finds he has more in common with Joe than either would have guessed. As the weekend come to a close, there are things to be done, and as the men tackle them together, they find they really want there to be more between them. Will Robert and Joe solve the mystery and come to terms with their attraction? Or will small town prejudice, and the 40 year-old murder, spoil their chance at happiness? Be sure to get your copy of Ghost of a Chance at Total-E-Bound Books. As with all of Jude's books, it is one you can't miss!

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