Monday, September 22, 2008

Ghost of a Chance, available NOW

Ghost of a Chance
by Jude Mason
Erotic Rating Total-e-burning
Genre Paranormal/ Gay
Book Length Short Story
ISBN# 978-1-906811-06-8

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When a ghost appears in his dreams and gives Robert Haskins the blow job of his life, it also drops him into a forty-year-old mystery that he's determined to solve.

When Robert Haskins moves into an old farm house, he doesn't expect an erotic visit on his first night there, or his second. A handsome ghost, long dead and troubled, gives him amazing oral sex—and a mystery to solve.

He winds up at the local police station where lone cop and heart throb Joe Sanders is more than eager to help him solve the forty-year-old case. Together, they follow the leads. Can the two of them solve a crime that's been dimmed by time? Will the feelings they have for each other last or die? Do they stand a Ghost of a Chance?

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Jamie Hill said...

Congratulations on your first TEB release! This is a winner, I loved it and I know other m/m readers will feel the same!



Jude Mason said...

Hey you! Thanks so much, Jamie. You'll be the second to know if this does well. You'll hear me yelling! LOL Thanks for dropping by.