Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jude's April Newsletter is LIVE

The Wanton Quill
Newsletter #47 April 2009 Edition

I hope you've had a spectacular month. Mine has been busy, which is good, and productive, which is very good. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and I'll tell you all about it.

What you'll find in this issue:

What Jude's been up to:
Books, new publishers, the animals I live with and upcoming surgery…Oh my!

Upcoming chats/events:
Find out when and where you can chat with Jude and her friends

Coming soon:
Ethan's Choice #1 in the Kindred Spirits Series: Co-authored w/ Jamie Hill
Livin’ on a Prayer: Slippery When Wet Series
Coming Together: Al Fresco

New Release:
Spank Me Once: Anthology (multi authors) Buy Now:
Wolfen Choice: Co-authored w/ Jamie Hill Buy Now:

Care to see what I think about ménage a trios?

Free Read
The very first peek at Livin’ on a Prayer, Book #2 in the Phaze Rocks, Slippery When Wet series

Contest information, present and future:
Who won and what’s up for next month’s contest

Website updates:
You betcha. New stuff and here's the url:

To read a slightly condensed version online, go here:

If you'd like to join Jude's Yahoo Chat/Newsletter group, the url is:

To have your name added to my mailing list, please email me at:

Take care and have an amazing day!


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