Monday, August 24, 2009

Wolfen Choice -Joyfully Reviewed

The fire had destroyed a large section of the forest; many had died, including wolf pack leader Gar and his mate Ruby.

Pack members Cole and Zane are on their way back to the pack to impart the sad news that Gar and Ruby are gone. Cole carries the amulet which designates their leader. For some strange reason the amulet acknowledges Cole, but he feels that he is too young and without his true mate to lead.

As they travel home they come across two she wolves and two cubs that have lost everything, including the rest of their pack to the flames. The men talk Shira, Meghan and the cubs into going with them. Cole’s feelings for Zane are stronger than ever, yet there is something about Shira that arouses him as well. He must also contend with the power of the amulet. Old loves, new wolves, and the leadership of the pack weigh on Cole’s mind. Decisions concerning the pack’s future must be made before they can move forward.

Wolfen Choice begins where the last Untamed Hearts story left off and doesn’t come up for air until the last page ends. Even though Wolfen Choice is a paranormal tale about a wolf pack, the story centers on emotional issues and mature decisions. Lots of hot and heavy sex is also a key ingredient in Wolfen Choice, but ultimately this is a strong tale about making responsible decisions. Sizzling hot and emotionally satisfying, readers are sure to enjoy Wolfen Choice.

Reviewed by Lisa

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