Friday, December 11, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday

A Mouthful of Memories

© Jude Mason

"Pull over John, please."

"What, here?"

"Yeah here."

"Okay, now wha…"

"Mm, it's been years since we did this. Hold still; let me get your jeans down."

"Hey, whoa woman, let me get my…"

"Get what?"

"Nu-uthen. God, your mouth feels so hot."


"Oh yeah, just like that. You suck better'n anyone, San. Ah - deeper - yeah like that. Oh please - please."

"You like, baby?"

"You know I do. You got me hornier'n a three peckered toad. More, babe, I'm so close. Ah - yesss!"

"Damn - Cops! Zip up. Wonder if it's the same one?"

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