Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm interviewed Part 1 of 2

My good friend and pal Mogger has put together a list of 12 questions he thought you all might find interesting. The responses took some doing and as you all know, I do tend to babble a little, so I'm going to post these in two sections. Part 2 tomorrow. If anyone has questions they'd like answered, please let me know. I can't promise to answer all, too personal and I'll bow out of, but I'll do my best. Send questions to: mason.jude AT gmail DOT com (remove the AT and the DOT... you know the rest)

Okay, here's the first 6. I'd love to hear from you.

1) Looking over the past year, what has been the best moment for you in your writing career?

-This is a really difficult question to answer, so much has happened over the last year and choosing one moment is next to impossible. Writing related though, I’m going to say, meeting my writing partner was about the most amazing. It’s the first time in my life I got to actually sit down and talk non-stop writing with someone who is so like me it’s crazy. Jenna and I have been friends for a few years, but only online and we all know how that can be. People have a tendency to stretch, or shrink, the truth and can get away with it if you never have a face to face. Seeing and talking with Jenna, it became instantly clear that what I saw online was exactly what she’s like in person. A tad nuts, a woman who has deep beliefs in her family and would do anything for them, and one who is a great friend.

2) Have you read anything outside your own genre that has made an impression upon you?

-You know, this took me some thinking time. I suppose you mean erotica or romance as ‘my genre’. But, I don’t see it that simply. Yes, I write stories that include sex, but they also have mystery, science fiction, paranormal elements that take them beyond just the sex. Take out the sex and they’d still be a story, just not as rich or as much fun.

Am I sidestepping the question? Sort of. Honestly, everything I read, no matter what genre, influences me in some way. I’ll be reminded to try to do something or not to do what another author has done. Bits of stories from a book will creep into something I’m writing. That’s something I really have to be careful of. Ideas I can use, but that’s it.

3) Apart from writing, what do you enjoy doing with your spare time ? (ha ha!)

-Evading my in-laws…He he he! Bet that’s not what you were expecting.

Okay, seriously, I love the animals we have around our place. We’re close to the bush here and we have an abundance of wildlife showing up at all hours of the day and night. For years I was very active in the conservation and education of the outdoors and wildlife in the area and it’s been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Seeing the animals in the yard is pretty amazing. We have deer and raccoons who have been visiting us for years. There are also black bears and cougars here, but I try not to get too close to them. We’ve been given permission to put food out for them in the winter and there’s nothing cooler than to see a big old buck tucking into his dinner not twenty feet from where I’m eating mine.

Not a real answer maybe, I don’t ‘do’ much with the animals, but they are a big part of my days. Stick in gardening when I’m in the mood and cooking at all times, and that pretty much takes care of me. Oh, and family. As much as I moan about them and what they put me through sometimes, I’m not sure what I’d do without them.

4) Regardless of how the book was received, what is your favourite book / short story?

-Dayum, good question! The one I always think of with this question is, Scorpio Tattoo. To me, that story was vivid and the characters talked so freely to me. I’ve read it once or twice since writing it and am surprised I managed it.

5) If you could change one thing that you have written, what would it be?

-Chuckling here. Scorpio Tattoo. I’d have let this one go on much longer. Gone into more detail, drawn the story out and let the characters really show us their lives and deaths. It’s one of those stories I’ll never feel was complete enough, but loved it right from the word go.

6) Who do you see as being your average reader?

-None of my readers are average. You’re all amazing people who have made the time to read me. I think of you as usually female, in your mid-thirties to mid-fifties, with busy lives and in need of a little distraction. You enjoy sex and are eager to escape into a nice naughty story.

Remember, part 2 tomorrow and if you have questions, email me!



Nichelle Gregory said...


I enjoyed this interview! Being able to see so much wildlife all around you is really neat. Uh ... and I'm feelin' you on avoiding the inlaws! ;0)

Jude Mason said...

Hi Nichelle,

I love where I live! The wildlife are a definite pleasure, for sure. A few years ago we had two orphan fawns show up and we managed to save them both. The buck, who I named Spiker the following year, turned out to be my buddy. He'd come visiting at the oddest times. I remember one summer afternoon weeding the garden. I felt like I was being watched. I turned around and two feet away there was Spiker.

About in-laws. Well, mine are getting on and I'm sure they don't mean to be annoying. It's just difficult sometimes. *G*

Glad you enjoyed the post.


Bronwyn Green said...

Great interview, Jude!! Looking forward to the rest tomorrow.

There's nothing better than connecting with writer friends on that soul-deep level. I'm so glad you and Jenna have each other. :)

I'm so jealous of you! I'd love to be surrounded by nature and lots of wildlife. Where we are, I can see into my neighbor's bathroom from my kitchen window. So. Not. Cool. I considered buying them shades for Christmas...

Jude Mason said...

Oh Bron,

You have me howling. If you could see my neighbors you'd know why. Shudder! Yes, I know I'm not spring chicken or vampy siren, but OMG! The bathroom! OMG!

You know, Jenna and I was so hesitant to even try writing together. We were both afraid we'd ruin a really good friendship. It turns out, the friendship stronger and hopefully the writing as well. Our publishers are happy with us and that's huge.

Our wildlife is a big part of our life here. Hubby and I have always been very outdoorsy types, going from hunting and fishing, to teaching about it all, to me writing about it and him taking pictures of it. I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else.

Thanks so much for commenting!


Ray said...

Can't wait for part 2. Great answers.


Jude Mason said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.


susan said...

I can relate to wildlife around and could write a book myself on happenings here where I live. We have black bears, deer, ducks and other water fowl as we have a creek alongside our house where they come to drink or swim. Every year we have two or three families of ducks we watch grow up, two cubs and mama black bear was here this year..last year there were three cubs and a mama and those cubs sure were cute and full of mischief. Deer comes right outside our windows and feed. Thanks for the article here..I enjoyed it very much.

Jude Mason said...

Oh, that is so cool. We have ducks and geese too, but not right in the yard. We used to, but then we filled in our pond.

It sounds like you live in a really lovely area. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this.


Ray said...

We have baby ducks hatched under our chimney twice a year. We have lived in the same house for nearly 18 years and this practice began the first couple of years we were here.


Jude Mason said...

Aw, how sweet. You do know, Ray, you're just a big ole' softy, right? I think ducklings are among the cutest things alive. I haven't had them around the house for years, but won't ever forget having them all underfoot and in the bathtub. LOL