Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Book a day, give away!

Today only, your chance to win a free copy of my ebook Finding Home from The Romance Studio. Here's the book blurb:

Handsome, blond, Jacob Cob was on a hunting trip that takes him beyond anything he could have imagined. While tracking an animal, he steps into what he believes is a cave only to wake up a thousand years in the past. Taken in by a native band, a young warrior offers him shelter and friendship. Jacob begins to learn the ways of the band, and soon finds himself falling for Tsaskwana, or Bird Song, a lovely native woman.

Still he searches for a way home. Every spare moment he has, he wanders the forest, trying to find that cave, to no avail.

Will his white man ways ruin his chance at happiness? Will Bird Song win his heart? Will he accept this new home and these people as his?

Content: Time travel, voyeurism, m/f sex

To put your name in for the draw, go HERE and sign up. All you have to do is provide a name, an email address and verify you're of age. Good luck!

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