Saturday, February 20, 2010

I want to be spoiled

Yes, I really do. Maybe not for always, but I'd dearly love a little spoilin' for a while. My life has been kind of on hold for almost a year and it's been rough. Not rough like some in the world, I'm very sure of that, but still trying for me.

This topic comes from a comment I made on good friend E.H.'s blog a few days ago. E.H., was after bedding and posted pictures on her blog. Lovely, sexy bedding mind you. Nothing cotton or white, or common about the sheets, covers or pillows for E.H.. I'm a huge fan of spicing up the bedroom with pretty things, whether it's art or the material you sleep on, it all adds to the ambiance, in my opinion. Not saying the company doesn't matter, but if you've had that same company for awhile, it's nice to add a touch of color or texture. *G*

Of course, I didn't stop at that. I envision a beautiful big room, dark walls, cause I like em, and a fireplace at the foot of the bed... just beyond the sunkin soaker tub. At least one full wall is window and looks out over a garden. The floor around the tub is wood, around the bed it's luxurious deep carpeting. Possibly even a bit of fake fur type so making love on the floor would be a whole new experience. Beautifully scented flowers with lovely big leaves would be scattered around the room. Sigh!

I love dreaming about this sort of thing. I may never have all those bells and whistles, and maybe that's a good thing, but it's nice to dream about them. What would your dream bedroom look like?


JillNoelle said...

Love your description. Throw in 400 thread count cotton sheets and a thick down comforter, and I'm there! LOL

Desirée Lee said...

For me it's flannel sheets - so soft!

I'd love to have a bed with curtains to draw around it. It would be like having my own cozy little cave to sleep in .

Carpe Noctem,

Nichelle Gregory said...

Love the faux fur rug idea, Jude! For me it would have to be huge glass doors overlooking the ocean that could open and let in the sound and smell. Big skylit to see the starry night sky ... lots of green leafy plants and exotic flowers with candles everywhere! Sexy artwork hanging tastefully on the walls and a bottle of chilled reisling ready and waiting every night! ;)

Bronwyn Green said...

My fantasy bedroom is a lovely thing...a giant canopy bed that's made of entwined tree branches, bedding in shades of green and brown, 400 thread count cotton sheets are a must, hardwood floors, a field stone fireplace, windows overlooking a forest, bookcases and a bathroom with a ginormous garden tub - big enough for two. Can you tell I've given this some thought? LOL

P.A.Brown said...

Since I spend only the time I need to sleep in my bedroom and get dressed, all I want is a pile of soft blankets and a heavy, colorful comforter and a thermostat set no higher than 50 F. Oh, and 3 pillows and a good reading light for the 15 minutes of reading I do at bedtime.

Julie said...

It's a big room without a bird cage in it. LOL

The bed is queensize, the bedding is new and dark colored. There's a bookcase wall on one side. The floor is hard wood, walls are a nice medium color. A comfortable chair for reading sits in the corner. The closet is huge. ;)

Jude Mason said...

Hi Jill,

Yes! The sheets have got to be satin smooth, without actually being satin. Tried em once and didn't like the feeling of sliding out of bed. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.


Jude Mason said...


I'm a huge fan of flannel sheets in the winter. I love the room to be cool and snuggling with my fella on them sheets... well, just use your own imagination from there. Ah, a canape bed! I'd like one of those outside. Yeah, sounds weird, but I can just see one set up in a nice big field, maybe a stream nearby and lots of wildflowers around.

Thanks so much for dropping by!


Jude Mason said...


I think I'm moving in. This sounds lovely! And yes, you've obviously given it just a little thought. LOL A few years ago, hubby and I had our house built. We got to design most of it, but because of funds, that luxurious bedroom and bathroom were just out of the question... but I can always dream, and do.

Thanks so much for sharing your secret bedroom with us.


Jude Mason said...


I'm shocked. You could have sex swings and latex clad boi toys and you're going for simple and comfortable. Tsk, tsk.

Big grin. Cool temp. is a must. Piles of soft blankets and/or quilts, yup, I'm with you there. Ya gotta add some fun stuff, even if you don't need it. What about a lovely big bookcase!?

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.


Jude Mason said...

Hi Nichelle,

Yup, I've always loved the feel of those long silky faux rugs. I can just about imagine rolling around on one, with my special guy of course and I'll just let your imagination take over from there. LOL Oh, skylight... YES! What a wonderful idea!

Uh, that bottle of Reisling, the sexy SO could serve that. Yum!


Jude Mason said...


I think a bird in a bedroom is crazy! LOL Then you're talking to a women who slept with a dog, as well as the hubby, for a few years, so maybe a bird isn't so bad.

The rest sounds yum! I love hardwood floors, but don't have them myself, yet. It's in the planning stage.. or wishing. Not sure which yet.

Our room is done in burgundy, and I love it.


BrennaLyons said...

Great subject.

What is my dream bedroom?

A California King bed with cabinet headboard and underbed storage. Jersey cotton sheets for summer and at least 200 count cotton for winter...or more. I'm picturing light blue sheets and dark blue quilts.

A walk-in closet and at least two 6-foot tall, 4-foot wide bureaus in the room. At least two matching (I'm thinking a dark wood...not quite mahogany but maybe dark cherry or something similar) bookshelves in the bedroom, on the opposite side of the room from the bureaus.

The walls would probably match what I have now...a light green on the walls and a graduated blue night sky (sunset to night) in a framed slant roof. In the current framed section, I have a border of wolves and glow-in-the-dark constellations in the night sky (courtesy of Tamer). Seriously...I have Libra, Leo, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, both dippers (of course), and Orion. Most are in the right places, but one of them is out of place. I wouldn't mind having that repeated.

The windows would be covered by matching wood vertical blinds, and the skylight in the vault ceiling would have the faux wood spacer blinds that could be opened at night and closed to keep out the early morning light. I am homo nocturnus, don't you know? None of that morning light stuff for me.

I'd like a diffused overhead lighting system for soft light, plus cracked sandstone reading lamps beside the bed. I typically hang my dream catcher at the foot of the bed. I would love the sort of fireplace fan system we have in the livingroom at the foot of the room.

I'd also love an attached master bath that has a jet tub for four (just because I like space in the tub with my husband) with glass block outer wall to chest height (standing) and windows with blinds above that. Of course, the tub would also HAVE to have a multi-head shower to it. I really like the rounded shower doors to get in and out.

But that's just me.


Jude Mason said...


Looks like you've given this just a tiny bit of thought...LOL I love the ceiling! My sister-in-law did hers in the place they used to have and it was amazing. She did glow in the dark stars, but you could see the clouds and tops of the mountains she'd put as a kind of edge where the ceiling met the walls.

Very sensual room, and I'm with you on that bathroom.