Monday, October 11, 2010

Trapped: Available now, in ebook and audio

  Publisher: Total E-Bound
ISBN 978-0-58715-309-8
Genre: Paranormal / Werewolves 

When his wife and were-mate becomes the victim of poachers, can Gareth save her before their secret is discovered, or, will they both be trapped?

Gareth and Sienna are a normal, crazy-in-love married couple, who just happen to become werewolves with the full moon.

When a trio of poachers captures Sienna, Gareth does everything in his power to free her. But he knows rescuing her is not enough. If the poachers are not brought down, the very existence of the were species could be in jeopardy. He hatches a plan in which the hunters become the hunted.

Will they take the bait? And who will be trapped?


“Sienna, quit it.” Gareth shifted around, trying to dislodge his lady’s fingers from under his arms. He was incredibly ticklish, and she loved to torment him, especially when he was trying to watch a movie she didn’t particularly want to see. She liked her romance, he preferred action.

Tendrils of long, dark auburn hair slapped his face as Sienna straddled his thighs. “Make me!” She dug her fingers in deep, sending him into new fits of laughter.

“Damn, woman, stop it before I have to paddle your ass.” He grabbed her by the forearms and held her hands down. It took him a moment to catch his breath, and when he did, he leaned forward and ran his stubbly chin across her chest. The pale orange tank top didn’t do a thing to protect her from his day’s growth of beard, and she yelped her surprise.
“Ouch, Gareth, jeeze!” She twisted, trying to break his hold on her and failed.

“You’re not going to let me watch my movie, are you?” He nipped at her breast through the thin cotton. The soft mound pressed against his face, his nose flattened, and he inhaled deeply, taking as much of her scent as he could. She smelled amazing. Woman and animal, lust and the unmistakable aroma of desire filled his nostrils.

He suddenly wanted her. Fingers tight around her arms, he pulled them high overhead, delighting in the curve of her body. He nuzzled harder against her breast, his teeth sinking into the taut nipple. Her moan urged him to the other side where he bit and chewed on its twin.

“Movie? What movie?” she moaned in a husky whisper.

She arched her back and shoved her hips forward, grinding into him. The sweet, musky scent of her cunt rose, and in moments, his temperature soared. His cock throbbed to life, pressing against her barely covered sex, the baggy cotton shorts giving him glimpses of the curly, dark pubic hair he knew adorned her plump folds.

“No movie. Hold on.” Gareth slipped his free arm around her body and got to his feet. He released her arms, and they instantly went around his neck, her legs around his waist, gripping him. Holding her ass tight, he staggered towards their bedroom, ignoring the blare of the TV behind him. They passed a large window, and when he glanced outside, he saw the sky darkening.

Soon, the moon would rise.

His heartbeat raced even faster. His skin itched.

Sienna dragged her fingers across his back, sending a new shiver of excitement straight to his cock. It pulsed against his jeans.

Gareth kicked the door open and took a couple of staggering steps into the room, stopping when he felt the bed bump his shins. He lowered Sienna onto the soft covers and stepped back. He turned and walked to the nearby window and pushed open the curtains. Trees lined their small backyard. There was plenty of light left to illuminate their room, and he was smiling when he turned to face Sienna.

“Come here, sexy brute,” she murmured, reaching out for him. She lay on her back, her legs bent at the knees, her feet flat on the bed. Her nipples were erect, the tight nubbins like tiny buttons pressed against the cotton and pointing directly at him.

He strode to her, stopping at the foot of the bed. “Yes, ma’am. You wanted something?” Gareth swayed his hips side to side then thrust himself forward.

“Yeah, you.” Sienna lifted a foot and placed it over the bulge at his crotch. “And this.” She manoeuvred her foot around, stroking him through his jeans.

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