Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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Book #1 in the Kindred Spirits Series
Jude Mason & Jenna Byrnes
ISBN: 978-1-906811-72-3
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Genre: m/m, paranormal

Today may be your lucky day.

With the next in the series coming out very soon, Jude thought a tease, a taste, a glimmer of what’s to come might be appropriate.

Need more—a little excerpt perhaps to wet your whet your appetite, maybe encourage you to dive in? Check it out:

Someone was walking towards the ocean—a man. He was too far away to tell a great deal more, except he had wide shoulders and seemed to be muscular. And he had long hair.

Could it be Cade?

Ethan stepped closer to the base of a tree and peered across the sand, trying to make out more detail. The figure reached the water and, with a sudden spurt of energy, raced ahead eight or ten paces and dived in.

Ethan watched and waited for the man to surface, certain it was Cade. It had to be. Who else would have that long, sexy hair and be on this beach at exactly the right time?

The moon hovered on the distant horizon, its curved brilliance sending a long trail across the ocean, reaching for the very beach he was observing. A cooling breeze wafted across his face, and he sighed with pleasure. The figure, Cade, surfaced and swam out for what seemed like a mile but couldn’t have been more than a few dozen metres. When he began the journey back to shore, Ethan wondered if he should leave the man alone. The voyeur in him decided to stay.

A few moments later, he was glad he had.

The man walked out of the water and headed straight for where Ethan stood. Luckily, Ethan was in shadows and close to the tree so he knew he wouldn’t be seen easily. He was sure he’d never be able to explain why he was lurking in the woods if he was noticed.

It was indeed Cade, and as he got even nearer, Ethan’s heart raced. The man was naked. His midsection was paler than the rest of his skin, but not much, and the thatch of dark hair around his cock and balls stood out starkly.

Cade stopped when he was no more than half a dozen metres from Ethan. For the first time, Ethan noticed the blanket spread across the sand. Cade’s clothing lay at one end, and the man reached for a towel next to the pile.

Ethan was mesmerised. The man was truly a delight for the eyes and seemed so at ease with his nakedness. Once Cade had dried himself, he sprawled on the blanket.

Perhaps it was time for Ethan to slink back to his room, since the show was over. A wonderful show to be sure, and one he’d think about later when he showered or lay alone in bed. He’d just eased away from the tree when Cade moved, catching Ethan’s attention once more. Cade’s hand crossed his belly and moved down to the sleeping giant between his thighs.

Ethan froze. He scarcely dared take a breath for fear he’d make some sound. 

The moon was just right. The silver rays seemed focussed on the lovely man sprawled before him. Cade slid his fingers around his cock and squeezed. His erection rose, thickening as it lengthened, until it looked full and hard.

Ethan gaped and slipped his hand around the growing bulge in his jeans. Holy fuck! His mind raced. Will the guy really do it?

He didn’t dare blink or even breathe too heavily in case he missed something or disturbed the fantasy lying in front of him.

Oh my! It seems Ethan’s walk on the beach has been interrupted. *Ahem!* You think he minds?

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