Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Cop, Bad Cop, available now

Good Cop, Bad Cop

by Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason
Gay MM/ Contemporary
Publisher: Total E-Bound

Two hot studs, an evening of scorching sex, a pub, and the gaymes begin…or have they?

Officer Kevin Sands and his lover get off on playing games—role playing games.
When one of their escapades goes awry, will someone else pay the price for their fun?
Or can the lovers solve a mystery that could mean the end of everything they hold dear?


Thursday evening and the Rocky Rode, the only gay bar on the west side of town, was next to empty, which suited Kevin Sands just fine. Standing behind the long wooden bar, he polished the beer glass deliberately before sliding it alongside the dozens of others lining the shelves on the rear wall. Two dudes sat near the front of the large, dimly lit room, another four lounged by the fireplace, talking quietly while downing yet one more round of brews.
Kevin sighed and looked at the clock over the mantel. It’d been a long day and he’d hoped for a little excitement by then. Another glass in hand, the cloth tucked inside, he twisted it, wiping the few drops of water.
A noise coming from the large oak doors dragged his attention that way.
“Yowsahs,” he murmured, eyeing the tall hunk of dark-haired muscle and bone walking towards him. The man wore a pair of engineer’s boots, snug but well-worn blue jeans and a plaid shirt that drew tight across his wide chest and arms. The rugged looking man’s forearms showed bronze where he’d rolled up his sleeves, and a small tuft of hair poked from the deep V at the front of the shirt. A leather vest finished off the outfit.
The new customer slid onto one of the bar stools and propped his elbows on the well-polished bar. He seemed flushed. It could have been from the last of the summer’s heat outside, but Kevin didn’t think so, not from the hungry look he saw in the man’s deep brown eyes.
Kevin put the polished glass aside and sidled over to the customer. Placing his hands on the bar, he leant closer and asked, “What’ll it be?”
“Beer, whatever’s on tap as long as it’s cold and wet.”
“You got it,” Kevin turned and grabbed one of the beer mugs. When he’d filled it and placed it on a coaster, he bit back the come-on line that came to mind. He couldn’t stop the thought though and silently added, not so cold, but definitely hard.
“Pretty quiet tonight,” the man remarked, offering Kevin an opening.
“Yeah, usually is mid-week.” He reached for another glass and began the tedious job of polishing. “You here to meet someone or just dropped in for a drink?”
“What’s your name?” Tall and Good-looking asked, his gaze roaming up and down Kevin’s not quite so enormous body.
“Kevin Sands. Yours?”
“Dave McAdams.” He took a swig of beer and sighed when he put the large glass down, one third gone. “Just out for shits and grins. Not meeting anyone…else.”
Kevin’s eyed the man and smiled. “Else?”
“Yeah, thought I might try picking up the bartender.” Dave smiled and winked. “Think I’ve got a chance?”

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