Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Tuesday, I must be in...


Writer's hell?

I want to pass a little something along to non-writers and to others of my kind who live to write. It sometimes doesn't work. The writing I mean.

I've just crawled out of what I refer to as editing hell, although in all truth, I really enjoy editing. Both the task of editing someone elses work or doing the fixes I need to do on my own. One was for a friend, another was one of mine, and the last was fixes needed on an older work in order to send to a new publisher.

Now, I'm sitting with Jazz open and staring at the last paragraph. I know where I want the story to go. It's just that I can't seem to focus enough to get them all there. I also know other writers go through this, but it doesn't help how I feel. Helpless, angry, frustrated, like my world is rocking wildly and I want it to stop.

Jazz will get done. I know it will. I love the concept of this series and I want so much for this next one to come out. I'm nearly halfway there.

Going to try again. Wish me luck!



Charlie Richards said...

Jude -

I feel your pain and sympathize greatly. Sometimes, the urge to crawl into bed and not surface for a few days hits really hard, especially when the words just stop coming! Staring at that blank page is frustrating beyond belief.

But fortunately, it's not always like that. Pound out a couple paragraphs of drivel and normally, for me anyway, the story comes rushing back. Then fix those couple paragraphs when going through one of the many rounds of editing.

Good luck with Jazz! I'm sure it will end up spectacular!

Jude Mason said...

Aw, Charlie, thank you.

I think what is most frustrating is, I adore this story. I know where it's going, I just can't seem to get it there.

I've been around for a long time, so I do know this will end. I talked to a good friend a little while ago and he's suggested I just walk away from it for a few days. Write something else, if I can, or go play with my grandkids. I like his ideas. LOL

Just writing drivel might work, if I could sit still long enough. Maybe my hormones woke up?! Cripes, that'd be a scary thing.

Jazz will get done. He'll just have to learn patience. I did, so anyone can.

Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a shoulder.