Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jude's March Newsletter is available now

Author Jude Mason's March 2011 Edition
  What Jude's Been up to:

 Hi everyone! Another month has flown by and it's still as cold here as it was in mid-January. Sheesh! I'm usually okay with winter weather, but this year it just feels so much chillier than normal. I hope you're having a warmer time of things.

It's been another eventful time for me. Phaze, the publishing company I was with for years and I have parted company, on good terms. It was a difficult decision, but one I really didn't feel I had a great deal of choice in. All the books I did have there will be re-published at other sites. Keep your eyes on both
BWLPP Spice and eXtasy Publishing I've already sent off two books, Amber's Toy and Fertile Domain to eXtasy and have contracts signed sealed and in my grubby little hands. BWLPP Spice will be publishing the complete Dealing With Trilogy, the first already available.

Jazz is coming along now. I'm well over a third of the way done, and hope the writing continues to fly. I'd love to have this finished so I can go to work on the last of the Dealing books. Then, I'd really love to write something new and fun for eXtasy.

Family life goes on. I'm back on meds and I hate it. I've done a rant, sobbed and whimpered for a week. But, now it's time to just deal with it and move on. I have to lose more weight. Seems I'm either going to be thin or blind. Great choice, but it's definitely an insensitive. So far, I've managed to shed 2 or 3 lbs, and man is it frustrating. I want all those foods I'm not supposed to have. Sigh!

My animals: Our weather has been horrible for the last few weeks, so the deer and raccoons have been coming very steadily. Old limpy is still hanging in and seems to be doing a little better. He can now, finally, put a little weight on the leg that was broken. There's still a really big lump where it broke, but not as big as it was. I'm very hopeful he'll make it. I figure if he can last another month, the weather will warm up enough so we'll have buds and new growth for him to eat. The raccoons are being as silly as only raccoons can be. I have one pair, they're either boyfriend/girlfriend or gay. They sit on the step and wash each other. It's very cute. 

There's more to the newsletter: Coming soon, new releases, reviews, interviews, where you can find me and a contest. Oh, and let's not forget, there's always a hot read to tease you. 

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