Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 2011 Wanton Quill available now!

What Jude's been up to:
Another busy month and lots to share with you, so make sure you're settled in and have a cup of your favorite drink.In this newsletter, you'll see how Jenna and I scramble to get a book edited for an early release. I've got a question or two I ask myself, and you readers, about re-releases, I'm sure you'd be interested in. I'd love a reply or two on that one. 

On the personal level, I've had some successes and some triumphs. I've also decided to open my blog for guest days, find out who will be joining me and how you can take part too.

If you're interested in chatting, please look for me at my own newsgroup or one of the following:

Litergasm (Total E-Bound's chat group)

eX_Factor (eXtasy's chat group)

New releases:
Sex in San Francisco Anthology
Edited by M. Christian

Publisher: Renaissance - Sizzler Edition
The book has some truly great stories by Donna George Storey, PM White, Renatto Garcia, Adele Levin, Shanna Germain, Craig J.  Sorensen, Theda Hudson, Jude Mason, Neve Black, Mykola Dementiuk, Jeremy Edwards, Anna Reed and Lily Penza.  
Willing and Able
Co-authored with Jenna Byrnes
ISBN: 978-1-926965-83-3
Publisher: BWLPP

Colt Willing never expected to be a key player in a drug-running operation. Before he can get out, he's determined to release the hold the organization has on Jonathan, the man he's grown to love.

Detective D.J. Able is determined to bring Caprice to his knees. Backed by his partner, Bryan Stokes, Able and his team are out for justice, and retribution for the loss of one of their own.

Contest information:
In April's contest I asked you all to name two books in the Kindred Spirits Series. Seems a lot of you were interested in that series and I got a lot of responses. Thanks so much, and without further mumblings on my part, the winner for the April contest is:
 Congratulations Alyna! Would you please contact me at and let me know which of my backlist of ebooks you'd like.

Website Updates
Oh yeah! I've done some updating, cleaning up and also added to my backlist. Also, check the cover art page, I've added a couple of new ones that are simply awesome.

Elise Lyn of Sensual Reads, gave Jett's Gift 4.5 stars. Read about it HERE

eXtasy author Blak Rayne interviewed me HERE

Also, C.R., Moss invited me to her blog HERE

Guests on my Blog

I've decided to invite guests to my blog every Wednesday and it's already turned into quite a show.
May 4 - Jenna Byrnes
May 11 - Sara York
May 18 - Annette Shelley

And there you have it, another month gone and one more newsletter put to bed. If you'd like a short version of this newsletter, check HERE.
If you'd like to receive the full newsletter, contact Jude at the following address:
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