Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Sunday and the weather is amazing

For a change. LOL

I finally got Jazz shipped off to TEB and heard back from my editor this morning. Seems I have some changes to make. Sigh! But, the good news is, I agree with them. The bad news is, I agree with them. Does that makes me sound weird?

Probably. I think what annoys me is, I should have known some of the things my editor suggested. Not all, I really did think there was enough sex. Guess again. Needs more, but I know where that will fit in very nicely. Hehehe!

I'll be away tomorrow, so Tuesday I'll be busy on the fixes. That's after the final read through of I'd Die for You. I love this series. I adore the title of all the books and the series too. I mean, who wouldn't love a series called, Slippery When Wet ? It's due to be released next month from BWLPP, one book a week until they're all out again. Yay!!

Then it's back to Jazz. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get those fixes done. Jenna and I are working on the opening and synopsis for Frankie's Flame, which is the next one in our series with Total E-Bound. It's sooooo very cool to be working with her again. She's been uber busy and I've been such a dork and had a kind of writer's block.

Okay, time for me to get my butt off of here and get some dinner going. Working in the back yard later, then collapsing.

Take care everyone!!

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