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Out today, Pink Ribbon, And....a bit of my newsie

Pink Ribbon
ISBN: 978-1-55487-900-7
Genre: femdom, contemporary, BDSM

Rick Sebastian, successful attorney by day, eager slave to his wife/Mistress Cass after hours, is caged.  He'd spoiled dinner, and while waiting for punishment, reflects on how he'd begun his strange and exciting journey into submission.  His memories, and the arrival of Cass' friend, make for an evening to remember.

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Rick knelt in his cage. The bars running from front to back dug into his knees and shins, but he was used to that. Even the cool air didn’t bother him like it did the first few times she’d sent him into the punishment room and locked him in. What did bother him was why.

His knees hurt terribly, but he dared not move. Cass, his lovely sweet Cass, would be upset, and he knew she watched him sometimes. He didn’t even dare raise his eyes to see if the camera’s little red light was on or not. He’d learned not to do that, months ago, when she’d caught him masturbating guiltily, while she watched from the comfort of the living room. He shuddered at the memory.

She’d been upset with his dinner preparations that evening, the gravy had been lumpy, and the salad warm and wilted. So, angry at his lack of attention, she’d sent him to his cage. He’d gone willingly enough, thinking it would be an easy way out of some punishment he knew he deserved. He’d thought nothing of stripping down, and crawling into the four-foot square steel cage. When she’d locked the door and reminded him to behave, he’d smiled and replied, “Yes, Mistress.”

She’d no more than walked out the door and closed it, than his hands were reaching for his privates. Never mind the rules, or that he hadn’t asked permission to touch himself. What did it matter? She wasn’t there. She’d never know.

He’d lain on his back, stretched his legs up the bars on the opposite side, and was madly pumping away at his erection when he’d heard the door. He was too far gone to stop, or so he’d thought. The bucket of ice water had changed his mind, instantly.

“Slave,” she’d roared. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

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And, here's a bit from my newsletter. At the bottom, you'll see a link to where you can read more or sign up for it.

What Jude's been up to:

Another busy month, and this time around, it's been very productive for me. I'm back into the swing of it all and have managed to get a lot done. Yay!  I revised (twice) a book for eXtasy which I'm sure you m/m readers will love. And, I've finally got Jazz done. OMG! To say that is incredibly satisfying. It's off to Jenna now for her to check over. Then it's off to the publisher's.

On the home front, the weather is awesome, so hubby has decided to get some major work done in the back yard. Now, I'm not sure how you all feel about major work in your back yard, but I'm a way. I am so looking forward to having a nice place to retreat to. But, it's such hard work at the moment, most evenings I feel as if I've been dragged through a wringer. Every muscle aches.

Oh well, it's gonna be fabulous. You just wait.

My wild animal friends are all doing well too. We've got at least one doe who's had a fawn. She hasn't brought it out to show us, yet, but I'm sure she will in time. One more is so plump she looks like she's going to explode, so she'll be having hers soon. We've also had a couple of VERY large bucks show up late at night. I haven't seen them but hubby has and he's got pictures. These two boys are massive. Big racks and big barrel chests. I can't wait for them to come around during the day so I can say hi.

The raccoons are being as crazy as ever. We've got one mama who feels so comfortable hanging around that she's taken to having a little nap on our deck. (Being a mom, I can identify with the need to get away for an hour or so) I toss her peanuts, which she loves a lot.

Writing news. Well, like I said, Jazz is done, or the main draft is, so it's the drudge work now. Jenna will take a bit of time going over it, then I'll see what all she has to say. I'm hoping she and I will be working together very soon to get the next book in our Kindred Spirits Series going. Frankie, will hopefully be coming to you all in the near future. I'm so looking forward to working with Jenna again. We've slowed down a little, but we're still one heck of a team.

And finally, I've got a small request. As many of you know, I've got a special place in my heart for my series Daybreak 2525. The cover on the first book in that series, Doc, is up for the Alternate Reads cover of June award and I'd really appreciate your votes. The link is:  All you have to do is go to that page, check the right hand side and find Doc. Tick the little square and hit Vote. Thanks so much! 
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Coming soon:

Sam, the Man
Genre: M/m, BDSM, contemporary
Publisher: Total E-Bound

Release Date: Aug. 29.2011

When Gregg Jackson’s wife passes away after a prolonged illness, can the care giving, flamboyantly gay, Sam Nicholson, convince him that being a bad boy is a good thing?

New releases:

Pink Ribbon
Genre: F/m, BDSM, femdom
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Rick Sebastian, successful attorney by day, eager slave to his wife/Mistress Cass after hours, is caged.  He'd spoiled dinner, and while waiting for punishment, reflects on how he'd begun his strange and exciting journey into submission.  His memories, and the arrival of Cass' friend, make for an evening to remember.

Contest information:

For May's contest, I asked you to find out what I call the deer with the broken leg who comes to visit me. The response was awesome. And the winner is:

Congratulations Leni! Would you please email me at and let me know which of my backlist of ebooks you'd like.

If you'd like to check out my backlist, here's where to find it:

Special Call for Submission:

One of my publishers, eXtasy Books, is going to be putting together several anthologies for charity. That means, all proceeds will be donated. I asked permission to forward the information and got it, so here you go:

Quite a few publishers are putting out anthologies and donating the proceeds to charity. This is not new to us as we've done it quite a few years ago. However, after speaking with an author this morning, I feel it's time we again participate in such an event.

The question came up--which charity? There are so many. I didn't have to think very long as there is one that is close to my heart and I know will be for many authors. The subject line says it all.

The above is where the proceeds will be donated. They are closely affiliated with worldwide organizations that are involved in research for autism, and since eXtasy and Devine are located in Canada, that is the organization of choice. I spoke with the director this morning. They don't really care where the donations come from. An erotic book cannot be on their site, for obvious reasons. However, a mainstream anthology can. I have to call her back in two weeks once I know exactly what we're doing.

I am calling for stories no more than 6000 words. We can do several anthologies, male/male, paranormal, ménage, romance. That makes four books. For Devine Destinies, 1. True experiences relating to autism. 2. Romance 3. Paranormal/science fiction/fantasy. For Devine, depending on how many authors want to participate, I will set the word count for the stories later.

The statistics are shocking:

 ~1 out of every 110 children will be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
 ~Four times as many boys than girls will be diagnosed:1 in 70
 ~Autism is more prevalent than pediatric cancer, AIDS and diabetes combined.
 ~It can cost $80-$100K each year to treat someone with autism.
 ~There is no medical detection for autism.
 ~There is no known cure.
 ~Autism doesn't `go away' it is a lifelong condition.

If you’re interested in participating, email Tina at please?

Also, this is a call for both erotica and mainstream.


Ann Cory said...

WOO HOO! I love Pink Ribbon!!! :) *tossing tons of confetti* Congrats Jude :)

Jude Mason said...

Hi Ann!

Thanks lady. I loved Pink Ribbon too. It was soooo much fun writing. Hehehe!