Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm back!

Yes, I know, you weren't sure where I went, or what had happened to the old broad who usually babbles away here, but now I'll spill the beans.

Hubby and I took a little time off and went away for a week. Partially it was to celebrate an anniversary. Partially it was to help a friend out who needed a favor. Partially, I truly needed to get a little space between myself and my writing for a while. We toured the province and took a million pictures, walked the beach of some tiny lake in the interior and ate a little too much. I'll pay for that, I know, but it was heaven.

I am back now, though and will try to get back to the job I adore. Writing. It's not going to come easily. I can say that in all certainty. But, it will come.

I've got a picture or two to share with you. I hope they come through all right.

This was taken in Jasper Park. An amazing place where I could live and be happy. Even hubby said the same thing.

Rocky Mountain Bull Elk. Isn't he amazing. They're just moving down from the mountains and thinking about mating, so they're in the best shape of the year. This one had a small herd of cows he was trying to hold to himself. He was bugling in answer to another male we couldn't see. The rut will come next and they'll fight to keep their harems. It's brutal, but it's so honest.

I don't know the name of the mountain, we saw so many, but I thought this was incredibly beautiful. The colors were so striking.

We saw these ewes and their young on the side of the road and stopped. There were a few other people there as well, but they seemed to sense we didn't mean any harm. The entire herd followed me back to the car. Hubby wouldn't let me bring them home. Sigh!

That's it for this time. I may post a few more later on. I do hope you enjoy them.



barbara huffert said...

Great pics! Thank you for sharing a bit of your trip.

Nichelle Gregory said...

Incredible shots, Jude! Welcome back! :-)

Jude Mason said...

Barbara, Nichelle, Thank you both so much. My husband is the photographer in the family. I'm the inept student, but trying to learn.