Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another day in the life...

Sunday and I have a slight hangover. Can you believe that? I can't, I never drink too much. I don't drink much at all actually. Well other than a glass of wine in the evening. Ah well, it'll pass and I've got work to do so it's just going to have to be ignored.

Oh, I got some fantastic news last week, 'And There Were Beasts' has been accepted by
Venus Press and I'm a very happy camper. It will come out this coming Halloween and I'll have my very first cover model type cover. Wow! I'm dying to see who he is, and I made sure I described my lead male character very well so hopefully he'll be as hot as I imagined. A changling story, about a man who loses his father and the girl who has to tell him the news. The two are somehow linked and... well I'm not telling you any more, you'll have to wait until Halloween, or until I see the edits and can post an excerpt.

I was also contacted by the publisher of
Darker Pleasure, who I've been working with for quite some time. He's got three or four new photo sets coming soon and he's offered me one if I want it. Do I... You bet your sweet bippy I do. He's got a really intersting scenario building with these shoots. As some of you may know, Darker Pleasures is a fetish site, and caters to those who enjoy breast torment. It's an interesting genre to write, and I've enjoyed it very much over the past couple of years. These photo sets that are upcoming will involve desserts, the making of and enjoying of them, but in one hell of a special way.

And now, I'd better be off, I've got my vampire couple, Sabrina and Matt, stuck in a small town in England. There to avenge the death of... well that's another one you're going to have to wait for. I know, wicked ain't I?



J.J. Massa said...

Yes, Jude, you're ABSOLUTELY wicked. So...What's a photo set?

Jude said...

A photo set - Well, in Darker Pleasures, it's anywhere from 150 to 200 pictures that hopefully are in some kind of order that a writer can create a story around. The fetish there is breast torture so the photos always include a buxom young lady with her breasts being tormented, usually in two or three different ways. You'd be surprised at how creative these photographers get, and who knew you could do THAT with chopsticks...*G* It's definitely a challenge, but I've always enjoyed one of them.

Thanks for dropping by JJ... Oh me, wicked? You betcha!