Sunday, August 07, 2005

Off to the air show

Yup, it's Sunday and we're going to the air show for the day. Having never been to one I'm looking forward to it a great deal. Husband, of course, will be taking his camera and hopefully he'll get some good pictures.

Writing news: I've signed up for two new pieces at Venus Press. It seems they have these yearly calls for anthos they're planning on publishing and BDSM Bound grabbed me. Surprised are ya? Femdom, a younger man being punished for some dreadful behaviour popped into my mind and off I went. Signed up lickety split for that one and hopefully I can get in touch with all of the other authors involves so we can coordinate our work somewhat. And, you'll chuckle here, another of the calls was for a western. Well, I like the outdoors and have seen enough John Wayne movies to choke any horse alive, so figured I could to one. Then I got silly and asked if we could perhaps make this western antho a little different. Instead of straight cowboys and the ranch, perhaps cowgirls and cowgirls might be fun to try. Well, the girl putting it together came back with, Uh, do we publish lesbian stuff? Yup, we do, or they do. So, it looks like it's a go, but have to contact Skarlett just to be sure.

I also had some wonderful news from my publisher about a review for The Deal. Here's what I got:

"Jude Mason's THE DEAL is raw justice at its best!"
3 Blue Ribbons ~~
Reviewed by Tracy Marsac @ Romance Junkies

I zipped over to that addresss and I'm still smiling. Wow! Three ribbons out of five isn't the best, by any stretch, but, it's set me a goal and that's a good thing. Tracy Marsac gave me the best review I've ever had and I thank her for it. Romance Junkies has asked me if I'd like to do an interview and I'll be responding to them right away, accepting that offer. PR is a wonderful thing... Ugh!

A bit of sad news now. We had to have our beloved dog, Taz, put down. She was an exceptionally good dog and we'd had her for twelve years. Unfortunately, she developed a horrible fear of noises, fireworks, guns, thunder, those kinds to begin with, but over the years that progressed to any kind of noise. A car door closing, a truck going by, the neighbor with a saw, anything at all. It got to the point where we had to medicate her daily, and then that didn't work anymore. She then lost control of her bladder. The vet we dealt with was wonderful and although it was one of the more difficult things I've had to do, I'm glad we had her put down. She was too good a dog to let her suffer.

So, that's how my week has gone, and now I've got to go and get dressed or I know he won't take me. Take care and have a wonderful day all.


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