Monday, August 22, 2005

Confusion, frustration.... ah ha, success at last

For you people who know html and whiz through this blog building, a short note of admiration. I've never considered myself overly stupid, but I've managed to frustrate myself several times while putting this together. I think, hope, pray, that I've got the basics where I want them now and will try REALLY hard not to mess with it again. Adding links and getting the archives to appear took me two f***ing hours. How was I supposed to know you had to put the links Under where the archives stuff went? Okay, rant over, I did it, it looks pretty much how I want it too, and I'll make sure I read this when I decide to mess with it again. Please, someone shoot me if I do, or at least take me out behind the woodshed and speak sternly to me while whooping my silly ass.

Good news, I'm within a couple of hundred words of finishing Another Deal for Venus Press, which is a very good thing because I have a feeling Matt, from Darker Pleasures, is going to show up one day with another photo set for me to work on. Think dessert and breast torture. Boggles the mind I know. I'm looking forward to it though. I've got a niggling idea at the back of my mind that I'm hoping with work with this, but only time will tell.

Oh nuther bit of good news. I saw the Venus Press newsletter yesterday and my story, And There Were Beasts was listed in there, cover art in there and everything. Come October, it'll be out and hopefully selling like those preverbial hotcakes you always here about. Crossing fingers!

I got a Wonderful email from the editors at Tit-Elation this morning as well. Oh today has been a good day. Two of the stories that I was lucky enough to have published on the TE website have been chosen to appear in their first quarterly 'Best of' in print. Do I have to tell you how pleased I was at that news? I'm honestly tickled to death. Jakes Clinging Ivy, a historica romance, plus Mistress Helens Re-Awakening, an erotic romance, will see print and I get copies. Whoo Hooo!

Ahem, calm down girl! Yeah right, I've been walking around smiling all day. My husband is going to think I've been into something I'm not supposed to be into. I'm dying to see what the cover is going to look like, and who else will be joining me in this thing.

Anyhoo, I better get myself busy and finish this one off. Then come the fun part of editing and tearing to bits. You all take care and I'll see you again soon.


W. S. Cross said...

Congratulations. Maybe you've earned something to make your husband jealous!

Scrawler said...

Big, mega hugs stretching from Ink's Erotica, Between you and me, and not forgetting, Within a Writer's Soul :) Sorry, shameless plugs!

Good for you!

Jude said...

Hi W.C., nice to see you popping in. I doubt very much that my husband is jealous over my writing, he's not the writer type. He does look at me strangely sometimes when I'm wandering around, obviously with a blank expression on my face, trying to get a scene to flow correctly in my mind. LOL Poor man, he asks if I'm all right, and it's nearly always a snarled, 'yes, I'm fine, shush.' I do try to remember that I've shushed him later, and he laughs when I apologize for being rude. He's a sweetie.


Hey Inky! Carrie, that is such a fun nickname, where did it come from? Glad to see you stopping by and plug away. I dropped into the forum today, it's been quiet except for one or two postings. I hope you're doing well hun, and I'll pop in to see what you've got going on at Inks soon

Scrawler said...

Inky comes from Inkscribbler which I grew attached to. I shortened it to Inky. I have so many nicknames now including Inkserotica. Yes, things have been quiet but I'm still in there every day and I'm thinking of different things to makes it interesting.

Not much going on over Ink's Erotica because it was banned from posts for 2 months due to that competition I entered. The things that were said made me feel physically sick. You can read the whole thing here:

I've set up Within a Writer's Soul to post about things that inspire my writing. One good thing about that comp is that I got a free blog design but as Ink's Erotica was already designed for recently, I got one for WaWS instead. I'm a little bit depressed at present but busy as always :)

Matt Nicholson said...

If you've read my latest blog, I've taken some time off from weilding the webmaster's whip, Judette. I'll pick it back up soon, and hopefully will pop your rear with it in regard to those pictures. Figuratively, of course.

Lovely blog, by the way. Much prettier than mine with that sexy bathing topless brunette in the cave picture posted all over the place.

Anyway, I'm off to expend more time on useless pursuits. xxxooo and all that, Paint Jude!