Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Night Diversion

It's been one of those weeks. You know the kind you wished would just end so it could be done with. Writing has been in fits and starts, mostly fits. I'm aching to get the sequel to The Deal done, and it's getting there, but painfully slowly at the moment. I'm beginning to feel as if I'll be ninety before it's finished. It's a good thing vampires live a long time huh?

I did get some great news from Venus Press. They've got a new line coming out and I managed to wriggle my butt into it. Yay me! So, I'll be contracted to have a piece done for October of next year. Hopefully I'll have my vamps done by then. Laughing!

I'd like to work on something totally different next for them. I've already had one vampire novella accepted and published, a halloween story comes out in October of this year that's a paranormal/shapeshifter/edgy kinda thing called, 'And There Were Beasts' Shades of the Twilight Zone! I think I'm going to drop into D/s for one. It's been forever since I tread those waters.

Darker Pleasures has enough of my work to keep them going until almost Christmas. I know I want to write Matt a little something for his Yule edition. Sparkle has graced his pages twice now, I wonder if she'd be welcome for a third season?

Okay kiddies, that's it for tonight. My virus scanner is about to kick in and things go terribly slow when that happens. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you again soon.


E L Frederick said...

Just stopping by...

Jude said...

Oh and you couldn't say hi or how's your butt or something. Jeeze! I'll have to pop over and drag my whip around or something. *G* Thanks Elf!

E L Frederick said...

Your right, how completely and totally anti-social of me. My apologies.

So, Hi... How's your butt? *grin*

I do hope you recovered from your sunburn, but since you haven't posted anything about your nose falling off or having it take on a life of it's own, I guess we can rest this evening without fear of showing up the new horror film, "The Nose that Ate New York".

Seriously, I was bouncing from ERWA blog to ERWA blog making sure I had everyone on the list.

You can flog me for it later *wink*

Thanks for the advice on deadlines. I think I'll have to try that as a motivation.

Scrawler said...

You have to watch our Jude with her whip; way too ready with it! I've been stung a couple of times...;)

Jude said...

Huge grin, butt's doing just dandy, and so's the nose. Thank You Very Much! LOL! Hey Elf, I knew what you were doing, but was in one of those moods. I hope you didn't mind me picking on you.

Carrie, you just shush girl, I'm never hasty with my whip. I may enjoy it too much, but it's always well deserved. Hehehe!

E L Frederick said...

You were picking? LOL! Me mind? Nah... it's all good. I'm just a bit reserved until the ice is broken, or in this case shattered.

Jude said...

I tend to leap in and cringe later. *G* I left a message on your blog, something about ghosts and how a person might feel them. I've never done one, at least not that I can remember, but I'll be attempting it soon. I'm curious to see how you handle it.

Oh, I'm good a shattering things too. Funny though, I'm really shy in person, although most people on here can't believe that.