Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog Tour and Prizes - Begins on July 31rst

To celebrate the upcoming August 2nd release of Alex's Appeal, at Total E-Bound, Jenna Byrnes and I are having a blog tour this coming week. You're all invited!  Whooo hoo! Here's the schedule:

July 31 - Erotic Romance Reader (Janna) 

August 1 - Marie Sexton 

August 2 – A Moment with Mystee 

August 3 – Mystery World of P.A. Brown  

August 4 – All I Want and More - Cecile Smith

August 5 – The Stuff of Myth and Men - Keta Diablo

August 6 – EH on Books and More

Each day, we've got a new post on the scheduled blog, some special insightful stuff about Jenna and I and some excerpts which you won't want to miss. AND, for those who leave comments you'll have a chance to win the ebook of your choice from our co-authored titles.(There are a few...*G*) Each blog host will choose their own winner the day after our post and we'll make sure the ebook is delivered. So, when you post, make sure you leave an email address!

Hey, that's seven chances to win!

Not bad odds people. 

Good luck and have fun following our blog tour!


Cecile said...

See you there hon!!!! =)

Jude Mason said...

Hey Cecile!

You betcha. Jenna and I have never done one of these together before, but it's gonna be fun. Thank you for hosting us!