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Never Say Never, book 2 in the Slippery When Wet Series

Phaze Rocks: Book #3 in the Slippery When Wet Series
Never Say Goodbye
By Jenna Byrnes
ISBN 978-1-60659-020-1

 #1 on the Phaze bestseller list


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Damien Hall has never done an honest day's work in his life. On his own from a young age, his street wiles got him by until he ended up in Corcoran State Prison for theft. Five years later, he's moved in with a man who only wants him for one thing, nightly hot sex. But he's off the streets, and Damien thinks the trade-off is worth it.

Travis Slater wrangles horses for a living, and wants to wrangle Damien in his off hours. He sees potential in the man who suffers from extremely low self esteem, and quickly falls in love with him. He hopes to take Damien and leave, knowing they can make their own way in the world.

Damien isn't so sure, and is terrified at the thought of being homeless again. When his employer admits the real reason Damien was hired, it's decision time. Do what's easy or do what's right? Only Damien can decide.


“Oh yeah, give me more of that.” Damien Hall shoved his ass higher in the air and buried his face in a satin-covered pillow. He’d recently discovered silk sheets were slippery as hell, but still thought they were more luxurious than the rough cotton he was accustomed to.

Charles Austin gripped Damien’s ass cheeks and pried them apart, driving his cock deeper until their balls slapped together. “You’re insatiable. I’ve always liked that about you.”

“Look who’s talking.” Damien wanted to say more but knew Charles didn’t like a lot of chatter during sex. More importantly, he was rendered speechless when his lover withdrew and plunged back in. The movement snapped his neck like whiplash, but instead of pain, intense heat churned in his ball sac as the orbs drew up and tightened. “Fuck,” he muttered, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his throbbing cock.

“Close, so close.” Charles said through what sounded like gritted teeth, his fingers digging into Damien’s hips.

Flashes of light streaked the blackness behind Damien’s closed eyes as his orgasm erupted. He gripped the slick satin beneath him and fought for breath. He emptied into the towel in several waves, each spurt sending a successive shudder through his sweat-slicked body.

Before the quaking had completely subsided, Charles grunted and released, the heat of his climax warming Damien’s sensitized ass. Still clasping the slender hips with a death-grip, Charles ground their bodies together as he came, panting and gasping loudly.

Damien accepted the vigorous treatment, but once they were both sated, he crawled forward enough for Charles’ cock to slip out. “Damn.” He stroked his dick with the sticky towel and turned to look at Charles, still kneeling, attempting to regulate his breathing. “You were on fire tonight. Lie down, I’ll get a warm washcloth.”

The blond-haired man grinned at Damien and obliged, rolling onto his side then flopping on his back. He eased the full condom off his rapidly deflating shaft and handed it over. “Thanks, babe.”

“No problem.” Damien took care of the rubber, as he always did. He washed up quickly in the adjoining bathroom then took a warm cloth out and tended to his partner. Partner—not quite right. ‘Lover’ was not an accurate description, either. ‘Employer’ fit the best, but that one made Damien squirm. It’d been two weeks. He’d thought he would have been used to the idea by now.

“Come over here, handsome. Snuggle with me.” Charles nodded his head, motioning to the bed.

“One minute.” Damien rinsed out the cloth and hung it in the bathroom, then brushed his teeth and quickly scrubbed his face. He glanced at himself in the mirror. His curly brown hair could be unruly, but it had been recently trimmed and still looked neat over his ears, tight at the sides and neck. He was clean-shaven; his skin clear and freshly tanned. He’d been pale when he’d arrived, but two weeks of lounging by the pool had remedied that. I wonder if all pool boys have it this easy?

He returned to the other room and slipped back into bed and Charles’ arms. He really didn’t wonder. Damien knew most pool boys actually took care of their employer’s pools rather than hung out by them, but that’s why Charles had the assistant pool boy. Rick cleaned the pool a couple days a week. Damien warmed the lounge chair every day and Charles’ bed every night.

Charles ran his hand over Damien’s back and lightly over his ass. He squeezed tight and sighed. “You feel so good. I wish we could stay this way all night.”

“No, you don’t.” Damien replied good-naturedly. It was his employer’s choice that he never spend the night. If he’d truly wanted it, Damien would have obliged. He always did what Charles wanted.

“You’re right,” the older man chuckled. “I’d never get any sleep. I’d wake up and feel this hot little body next to mine and I’d want to fuck again. You’d wear me out from sheer exhaustion.”

“Not that little.” Damien bristled at the implication. At five-foot-six, he was shorter than lots of guys, but plenty muscular. He’d spent the last five years in Corcoran State Prison lifting weights to bulk up his small frame and his battered ego. For a slight-of-stature gay man in the penitentiary, it was imperative to promptly squash the idea that shortness implied weakness of any sort. His bravado and brusque facade had paid off; the other cons figured out not to mess with him. He developed a thick skin and a set of killer abs.

His dark curly hair had earned him the nicknames ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Frodo’. Damien was used to the constant teasing in prison, but didn’t want it to continue now that he was out. Every time Charles made a comment he politely rebuffed it, hoping the man would get the message.

Charles gazed down at him with an almost condescending smile. He ran a hand through his own crop of thick blond hair, something he did when he was nervous. Moving Damien away gently, he sat up. “Of course, I didn’t mean ‘little’.” He leaned down and nuzzled his face in Damien’s pubic hair. “You’re the perfect size everywhere that counts.” His tongue flicked the head of Damien’s dormant cock and it stirred.

Damien groaned. No matter what patronizing things Charles said or implied, the man definitely made up for it with his actions. He inhaled as Charles nibbled his cock, his tongue continuing to circle the sensitive spot behind the crown.

“Mmm.” Charles lifted his head enough to speak. “Somebody likes that.” He maneuvered his body between Damien’s legs so he had better access and began sucking in earnest. His head bobbed up and down, first drawing back slowly, then driving deep and swallowing hungrily.

“Damn!” The only coherent word Damien could utter. His mind soared and his cock throbbed, the warm, familiar mouth knowing all the right moves. It teased and prodded his shaft, until Damien wasn’t sure he could take any more. His body flushed with heat, balls tightened and drew up, churning once more at the imminence of another glorious release.

That’s it, suck me. Harder! Yes…so good. Words filled his mind, but Damien remained quiet, other than heavy panting. No one spoke to Charles in that manner, during sex or otherwise. Damien was allowed the occasional utterance, but there was never any doubt about it, Charles was in charge.

His nerve endings shattered and Damien lost it. Quivering, he shot load after load of cum down Charles’ throat. He heard what sounded like an appreciative grunt and Damien smiled. He relished the idea of Charles swallowing every drop he had to offer.

Relaxed and more sated than he remembered being in a long time, Damien closed his eyes. It’d be so easy to fall asleep there on the spot; he was already groggy.

Charles moved up his body, continuing to ply his skin with long strokes of his tongue. “Up and at ‘em,” the man whispered in his ear, nibbling the lobe. “I’ve got a busy day tomorrow and need to get some sleep. Did I tell you, I’m flying to San Diego?”

“No.” Damien’s eyes popped open. “How long will you be gone?”

“A couple of weeks. There’s a series of marketing seminars for the software my company developed, and I have several meetings lined up after that.” Charles pressed a line of kisses along Damien’s throat before rolling onto his back.

“A couple of weeks!” he exclaimed. “What am I supposed to do here without you?”

Charles smiled. “You’ll have to figure that one out. Find something you like and do it.”

“I found something I like.” Damien rolled onto his side, looking over the naked, supine man.

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